A brand new product

A lotttt of you ask me about the skin barrier. It's kind of my thing

The skin barrier is also known as the moisture barrier or the acid mantle.

The skin barrier functions to protect the epidermis. It’s a combination of oil, fat, corneocytes, all in the structure of kind of like a brick house.

This creates a protective layer that regulates the ecosystem of the skin. Meaning it allows the skin to stay it’s healthiest.

When the skin barrier is in tact, skin looks healthy, hydrated, and acne free.

So why am I so excited about the skin barrier??

Because it's one of the most common errors I see people making in their skin care routine!

Repairing your skin barrier is a fairly easy fix that will yield tremendous results for you.

The skin needs a protective layer because: One, without a lipid layer, water easily evaporates from the skin cells leaving the skin lacking water. Two, without a barrier, bacteria or other pathogens would be able to more easily penetrate the skin causing infection, inflammation, and.... breakouts!!!


This is one very common way I see people cause acne to themselves. 

And I've helped hundreds of people fix their skin just by simple tweaks in their skincare routine.

Sometimes we misdiagnose our skin type and then use the wrong skin products which then strip our skin of oil's that are required for a healthy skin barrier. 

Because of this, I knew it was imperative I create a product that would assist in the skin healing process. 

And I announced this new product yesterday on Instagram! Make sure you are following @bauerbeautyco if you're not already.  

Bauer Beauty Barrier Serum is now available on my website 😻

My new Barrier Serum is one of a kind. It's a texture that is dissimilar to other products I've tried. It contains ceramides, squalane and a few different types of silicones that help seal all the ingredients in.

You can watch more about it in my latest youtube video where I go into depth. 

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