A controversial belief I hold

Here’s a controversial belief I hold...

Acne doesn’t cause anxiety or depression; it exposes anxiety or depression that already exists. 

This isn’t unique to acne; this is any event that occurs. 

If something occurs in the external world and you react, that’s a you problem, 

that’s coming from inside you, 

Nothing can “make you feel" any certain way.

It can only shine a light on areas of ourselves that need work.

The era of “trigger warnings” is astoundingly dumb!

Your triggers are your teachers.

Every trigger you have leads you to a better life.

It’s a road map.

If acne is triggering you, follow the road map.

Why would you want to preserve the traumatized version of yourself by avoiding triggers?

Why would you want to preserve wounds inside of you?

Don’t you want to heal them and purge them?

Because the only way you can do that is through being triggered.

So, I’ve said in the past if your acne causes you depression, heal your depression and watch your skin symptoms improve.

Or not! 

The best part of this method is that you gain control by relinquishing control.

You admit you can’t control your skin

But you focus on what you can control; improving your psychology and emotional body- which you obviously have control of. 

And yes, I can pretty much guarantee it will improve your external appearance will improve but let’s not even focus on that 

There’s this narrative of “victim blaming” that goes around when I say things like- heal ur depression=heal ur skin 

Blaming the person for things that in the west we consider “out of our control”

But fuck that.

Why would I want to opt into that reality?

Where this world is a crapshoot? 

Like we’re playing a game of Russian roulette?

No ty!!

That goes for any type of disease

I don’t want to pretend as if I don’t believe I have ultimate control

I like this reality much more 

It's essentially living through nonattachment

You get to be in control as long as u do the inner work 

Decide you have control and then assume responsibility when things happen to you

Anyone trying to handle you with white gloves it’s not doing you any favors


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