Adjust the core vibration

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Ok onto the message of the day

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The message of the day is...

You’re in motherfucking control, 

That’s kind of my message every day let’s be honest.

Its the core message

But what Im honing in on today is adjusting your core vibration to achieve what you want externally

Your core vibration is the source of your experience

Thats why they you do one thing is how you do everything

Thats why I teach to examine parallel areas of your life that are off

If one area of your life is a struggle, chances are theres another area that is also a struggle

One of my favorite ways to teach you how to begin to adjust your core vibration is to use your triggers as teachers.

A trigger is any experience that makes you feel activated, upset, hurt, angry, enraged, etc.

An unconscious person will blame the external catalyst for their trigger

But the conscious person understands the trigger is inside them

Triggers can help you see yourself as clearly as possible

Triggers are an invitation to learn more about yourself

An invitation to heal your trauma and change the direction of your life

Triggers will keep you in place if you dont clear them

Youll continue to go in circles with the same negative experiences

Who the ef wants that

Once you dive deep into a trigger you will see, 

You are only triggered because of you, 

Not the other person, not the situation

You are triggered because of a core belief that you hold

A core belief that you created out of a traumatic experience

That now represents a part of your fragmented spirit

When your spirit is fragmented, you are owned,

Because you will constantly be triggered

You think it’s the world around you but it’s not

It’s you

Once you’re triggered, inquire:

Why does this bother me?

Once you get an answer…

If that’s true why is that so bad?

You have to keep asking this question until you get to the core belief. 

Which will go something like:

I don’t believe people should rely on other people

The core belief exists in your subconscious mind and was formed out of a traumatic moment

And now this core belief is emanating out to many different areas of your life

It may have protected you at one point but now it’s not, 

It's counterproductive and it’s hurting you

Start doing this every time you’re triggered,

Use it as an opportunity to go inside, and watch your life freaking change!

OK lovers, dont forget...

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