Airports, Upleveling, New Facebook Group to Join

I went to Denver last week. 
It was like a last minute situation 
Me being bored and home and needing to gtfo. 
Mainly I like flying
I like an excuse to go to the Sky Club
Flying puts me in a vibe.
The work I can create at airports is not like work I can create elsewhere
I've always been transfixed with airports
Its like this vessel
A purgatory of sorts
Its not real life, its like an in-between real life
You are either leaving your everyday life or returning to it
But you're not anywhere

You're kind of void of responsibility
Hence why you see people at the bar at 7 am.
There's a level of fear that actually breeds excitement
And you're exploring the unknown
Everyone is exploring the unknown
Their curiosity is piqued
Inhibitions are a bit lowered
Because youre more vulnerable, you're more interested in connecting
I show up 2 hours before my 9am flight, 
I want to go to the Sky Club and work
Turns out Im rusty, I forgot my Delta Amex and was denied entry
I flipped my shit
I was extremely grumpy (pictured above)
And i asked myself, what vibe is this?
What does this mean?

What is this a manifestation of? 
Can it be as simple as I needed to learn a lesson I would never forget?
Or is it deeper?
It did wind being deeper
It usually does.
Its because a vibe is a vibe
Meaning, when one thing in your life is off, another thing is likely off
By identifying parallels,
You will realize the entire quantum reality you are living in really needs to shift
Getting rid of one will automatically get rid of both
You eradicate on a vibrational level
To do this requires you to change your thought patterns
It requires you to have massive self awareness and honesty
It requires you to have patience and persistence
when does your life change? 
Every time something resonates. 
You experience a shift after knowledge you were seeking is fulfilled. 
The loop is closed. 
Something makes sense now.
When there's a missing puzzle piece in our brain, 

We need to keep looking for the piece until its solved 
When our seeking minds are satisfied, we uplevel. 
Unleveling requires a tremendous amount of cajoling of your brain body, emotions, into alignment with a new physical reality. 
You have to constantly negotiate yourself out of your present reality
Creating affirmations is an amazing way to reprogram the brain
You can even create specific affirmations once you know specifics
Generally money or gratitude affirmations always work to increase my vibration
But you can also create your own affirmations to deal with specific targeted issues. 
Where are you holding yourself back? 
What are you telling yourself that you cant have because of -fill in the blank-?
When you are stuck on a level, its because of something like this. 
Create an affirmation that directly challenges that thought. 
Its going to feel painful countering this belief because its so engrained 
And it makes you feel comfortable and safe
This is how you know its the correct affirmation
Its kind of like a little bit of pain or resistance, but then excitement
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XXOO Loves

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