Are you reaching your full potential or no?

The worst thing in the world to me is wasted potential 

Okay happiness is massively important

But i feel like part of happiness is fulfilling our god given gifts. 

Where are you holding yourself back? 

Where are you unconsciously going about life, while the time passes?

The unexamined life is not worth living, socrates

So my loves, 

Let me give you a quick way to become conscious of this

As kids, we have this thing called "potential"

Rewind to about 16 years old

(if you're in your early 20's this exercise may not work)

Look at yourself from a 3rd person perspective

Witness your potential

All of the opportunity that you had

Everything that could have been

Did you become it? 

Did you understand and appreciate the gifts you were given and use them to their fullest potential?

Or did you squander them? 

This exercise is not meant to make you feel regret, its meant to get your ass in gear

Its not useful to dwell in the past

Its only useful to get the perspective and then use it as a lesson

What would you tell your younger self?

Write it down, and then embody it now

We are sometimes going through life on autopilot

Not really engaged with life

Not understanding our relationship with time

And how quickly it passes

We have to seize the moment

We have to move past fear and say fuck it

This is the only way to become our best selves

Take risks, do the smart thing, follow our heart

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