Avoiding manipulation, and BHA launching tomorrow 2/11!!!

What are boundaries and why are they important? 
Boundaries are the personal energetic limits that protect our mental, physical, and emotional health
Boundaries protect us from manipulation and wasting energy

Sometimes we learn our boundaries through trial and error
Seeing what feels good, what doesnt, what is healthy for us, what isnt
Once we understand the concept of boundaries, 
Its our responsibility to communicate our boundaries

Growing up, many of us were not allowed to have boundaries at home, 
So when we enter adulthood, 
We have no clue what a boundary is
We have devalued everything we think and feel 
We have porous boundaries
Making us manipulative, and easy to manipulate
We dont know how to communicate or why its important
We manipulate out of ignorance
Because we don't think we can get what we want any other way
We dont understand what our needs are or why they matter
We dont understand that relationships are a constant negotiation of meeting one another's needs
We dont understand why its important to tell people how we feel
We suffer silently, confused
But once we learn about boundaries and communication, 
There is no excuse not to be a stand up human
If you continue to manipulate, its no longer out of ignorance

Its malice
Its because you like drama 
It's because you're insecure and need to feel powerful
Once you understand that you need to tell people how you feel and ask for what you need,
Anything less diminishes your respectability and the integrity of your relationships
Once you are aware, its your responsibility to have the tough conversations
The awkward convos
The convos that put you at risk for gaslighting
The convos that are not clear cut
Its important to always bring it back to... "I feel", "I need", "I observed"
You're not automatically putting blame on someone 
Or speaking in an accusatory tone, 
Youre taking responsibility for it
Hey... i observed this, and this is how i felt. Im not saying this happened for a fact, Im saying this is how i felt and what I saw.
Depersonalizing it allows people to hear you more clearly because they wont be defensive
The toughest time to communicate is when its most necessary
Its those moments that you've observed something covert
Something that is hard to provide evidence for
Something that you could be easily gaslit for
Where someone could be like... oh no you're crazy that didnt happen
These are the moments
Your moments to hold someone accountable
Because you are not crazy, your instinct is flared up
Your spidey senses are activated
Your body is reacting in a physiological way
The body keeps the score
Your body knows
You need to show up for yourself
Otherwise, you could go years letting people get away with shit

All the while you "knew better"
You could feel something was off but you didn't have something tangible

So you let it go, let it go, let it go
Thats the wrong thing to do. 
If someone continues to be shady, manipulative, indirect with you, even when you are holding up these standards,
They've got to be put in check, and possibly removed from your life

People who are that narcissistic are really hard to be around
So anyways....
In other news, 2 things
My glycolic acid is finally back on amazon
It was wrongfully taken down a few weeks ago for "containing hydroquinone" 
Amazons bots need work.
Very exciting news that my 2% BHA is finally launching on my website tomorrow!!
Its been available in a bundle for a few months now, but its finally grown up and has a listing of its own
So you will be able to buy it individually
Around 12pm eastern 2/11
If you havent already seen,
I've made a few videos on IG and tiktok yesterday talking about my BHA
And I will give you the run down via email and IG later as well. 
If you havent tried this already im so excited for you guys to do so!
It's the most tingly BHA I've tried. 
Its low pH contributes to this
But BHA is naturally just a bit stronger than AHA
Our BHA is also pure af. Its not buffered with any neutralizer
So its super potent. 
I was inspired to sell this because of the love that so many people have for it. 
And recently, I was inspired to use it because I noticed texture on my skin that wouldn't go away from AHA or retinoids. 
Cant wait to share more!

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