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Very often during a client intake this happens...

My client wanted a botox alternative

Shes in her mid thirties and has visible wrinkles starting to form 

But has been avoiding botox because her husband didn't want her to get it

So many men have a bad impression of it!

I said thats not a big deal we can work with that

I told her she needed a nu face immediately

She literally didnt know what i was talking about 

She literally thought i meant she needed a NEW face lmfao. 

Girl no THIS is a nu face

And its bomb for plumping wrinkles and making skin look tight plump and amazing


It stimulates collagen from the deepest layers of the skin

My fave derm's say theres no proof of this yet but its okay i see the proof with my eyes

But Dr Dray does say there's evidence for giving temporary improvement to the skin


Especially when i do it everyday

I used to train people on the nuface when i worked in a spa

The best way to use it is consistently

10 minutes per day

But honestly ever since i got the solawave i've wanted to do the nu face way less

Im fully addicted to the solawave so i recommended this to her next

And now i have a DISCOUNT CODE for you guys too! (bauerbeauty for 15% off)

Its truly the most magical device i've ever owned

Its shaped like a finger so its the perfect size for holding and massaging the face

Gua sha can sometimes be a little too big or odd shaped, even though i love that too

It also gets warm, vibrates, and has microcurrent 

Im not sure how powerful it is compared to the nuface which is why i recc'd it first

Also i usually use this solawave with oil, so microcurrent cant get through as easily

But idgaf cuz the massage and red light benefits are worth it either way

If you wanted to maximize the microcurrent potency youd want to use the peptide serum or something similar

So then I was like... okay well you're obviously using a retinol right

She was like a deer in headlights

There are so many lines of defense before botox and she was using none of them lmfao. 

This was exciting actually because her skin will react quickly 

Having never used actives or retinol, you will see an enormous improvement when you begin

So i immediately got her the retinol cream, glycolic peel, and the barrier serum

I also made her get the cerave hydrating cleanser because she was using the freaking SA foaming wash by cerave every morning *gasp*!

Which will dry you out if you dont use it correctly

Exactly what was happening to her

How i told her to use everything...

Use only the barrier serum for the first few days while your barrier starts to heal and repair from the over stripping.

Then incorporate the glycolic peel once in the morning, 

Followed by the barrier serum

Wait a few days, then start using the retinol cream nightly

You will see a reaction at first

>The retinol cream is pretty strong for OTC and shes never used retinol before<

Then once you gauge your sensitivity to the retinol, you can incorporate the glycolic in the morning again 1-2 x week.

The goal is, aggravate your skin but in a controlled way

We dont want to irritate which will cause inflammation, breakouts, TEWL, 

We just want to jumpstart the skin, make it remember who it is, challenge it

Always do this by easing into the active products you buy, dipping your toe in one at a time

Staying extra conservative will still pushing the boundaries

Okay loves, Im moving next week so I feel I have been MIA on social media

I am completely distracted handling my loose ends here since im moving out of state

But i do have a new product launching for you soon which you will be obsessed with


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