Deciding is the antidote to mediocrity

Love, are you experiencing mediocrity in any area of your life? 

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Does it feel like an uphill battle?

If so there’s a chance that you have dabbling energy. 

You’re just dabbling in some thing hoping to see signs that you’re invited to the party.

Hoping to see signs that you’re supposed to be there. 

But so far you haven’t seen those signs. 

In fact you see the opposite, you’ve seen mediocrity, 

You’re getting mediocre results, 

The universe isn’t showing up for you. 

It feels like you’re putting so much effort and getting no ROI. 

This is evidence you haven’t committed. 

You’re asking to be convinced in order to commit but that’s not how it works- its the opposite. 

You have to commit before that. 

You have to decide to be there, in the relationship, in the job, in the new house...

In order for it to show up. 

You have to decide, 

Deciding precedes the serendipity. 

Deciding precedes the events that will convince you to be there. 

When you decide to decide you may have mixed emotions

The emotions of fear may arise since you you now have put your heart and soul into committing to something

Youve cut off other options

Youve burnt your ships, you have no escape route

Yes its scary,

But its even more scare to live a mediocre existence where youre confused about why you cant get what you want

You may as well immerse yourself in life by deciding to do what youre doing

And if you cant decide to do what youre doing, what can you commit to?

Commitment feels like:

>>This is wtf im supposed to be doing. its as clear to me as the sky is blue. theres no where else that i could possibly be because everything is so perfectly aligned here and nothing else makes sense.<<

What can you fully decide to do?

Do not give away your power by saying you "have" to do the thing youre doing

Fine, if you "have" to do the thing you're doing then its meant to be that you're doing that thing and you should commit 100% and be the best

Or half ass it and blame your results on the external circumstances

But its much more fulfilling to realize you have control

Thats pretty much my whole message of life

You are in control.

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