Get to the core desire and activate the quantum

Today were chatting about manifestation

It is, after all, something I’m very actively participating as I manifest a new place to live within the next couple weeks

Listen to the audio version of this here

The word manifestation carries a woo woo type of connotation

But is actually a scientific term

It just means something that results

Were either actively or passively manifesting

And if we want to create our reality, we’ll be an active participant in the manifestation process

I want to share with you some of the strongest techniques that have worked for me

Manifesting with a timeline is my specialty.

I find it way easier to create if I have a finite end date… like a date I have to move out.

Having a place to live is mandatory to me

(And making something mandatory is actually the key which well get to in a few)

This is called an energetic minimum standard

Your minimums dictate how your life is run

Having a timeline and a minimum forces you to get creative

You start to really trim the fat

You start to realize all the fluffy things you need are just a cover up for fear of decision and commitment

In those instances where you dont have the luxury of extended deliberation

You have to examine what you actually need and want

When you have a lot of time and no sense of urgency you are more flakey in your energy

You think you need things you don’t,

You think you want things you’re actually willing to compromise on if it were to come down to it

In my case… I will find a place to live where I’m happy and that suits my growth and my ultimate goals.

This is the core desire

Why would I worry about location, color scheme, layout, etc, if its not suited to my growth?

If its aligned, you can demand all of it obviously

But if you are having a problem manifesting, identify the core desire and let the other chips fall as they will

Once you identify the core desire you’ll see everything else is negotiable really

Because if you have the core desire, everything else must be effortlessly aligned as well

One of the most useful manifestation techniques I’ve been using is…

It gets to be shown to me

Whatever the issue is, it gets to be shown to me

Down to the littlest detail

It always is shown to me

I don’t have to make a decision because the best option gets to reveal itself to me

Delegating responsibility to the universe is taking full advantage of our co-creative powers

We are not in control, and we are not controlled

It’s a push and a pull

A constant conversation

When it gets to be shown to you, you give up the struggle and activate the quantum

Instant downloads and realizations occur. 

One of you asked me the other day about visualization and how important it is to the manifestation process. 

Visualization is not important, but its nice. 

What is important to the manifestation process is locking in your result.

Visualization can help you solidify the details

But visualization wont matter if you are not locked into the fact that its happening. 

If you have a problem manifesting the desire,

Can you make it mandatory?

Like the energy of needing to find a place to live by a certain date

Can you transfer that energy onto something else you want?

All you need to do is decide its mandatory for you now.

I recorded an audio training on that here

You have to decide its not okay to live without this thing therefore it must appear. 

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