Get whatever you want by the end of the year challenge!

Something dawned on me the other day...
There are less than 2 months left in the year
This is a timeframe that is short enough to keep your attention span and endurance, and long enough to manifest whatever you want 
And therefore, I created a challenge for myself and I want you to create one for yourself as well!
First of all... I joined the 5 am club! Feel free to join me with this lol.

There's even a book written about its benefits (that I have not read yet)
I've also cancelled fear based thoughts and replaced them with work
I want to be so busy that I don’t have time to stop and think.... is this working? Is this worth it? Is this going to work?

This is exactly where we fuck ourselves up
These thoughts are not helpful
They grow out of the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is trying to keep you in place
My old coach used to say "the work is the cure"
So even when i dont know what to work on, Im going to create something to work on
I have a created a few other commitments as a baseline as well... 
For example, posting 3x per day on IG, FB, TT, & YT
Think of something that your ideal self would be doing, and then decide to do that. Commit to that thing for the next 2 months. 
This should be a thing you know you "should" be doing but havent done it
It should be something that really impacts your goals
How this works...
This is manifestation in its finest; its both masculine and feminine, its both physical and non physical
Your new daily habits require discipline

Discipline is annoying
It discipline feels hard, it feels like forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do
And because of this "pain", you're able to incorporate some black magic here 🔮
Because in the forcing, you'll infuse your intention
I remember before I started this business, I didn't know how I was going to accomplish what I needed to accomplish
And my anchor was going to the gym every morning (which is something I had never done before)
It was winter in Detroit
I was confused, stuck, broke, scared, and freezing
I would wake up and like clock work jump out of bed and go to the gym without thinking BECAUSE I was going to get the life I wanted
The "because" is your intention, 
The "because" is your bargaining chip with the universe
You're so unhappy and angry doing these daily tasks you've set for yourself but you push through it BECAUSE you get your outcome
Your outcome doesn't need to be specific either
My outcome at that point was not "to start a skincare business" it was "to get a better life"
Within a few months my life was UNRECOGNIZABLE
You just couldn't imagine.
Go back and look at my videos in 2019 from like the beginning of the year vs the end of the year
I feel like this needs to be the name of a new program!!
Discipline your ass, in whatever way you can. Feel the pain and push through it

Anchor in your WHY
And show up daily doing the thing as if your life depends on it
And never give yourself even one moment to doubt or fear a piece of this equation
I don’t want to wake up at five but my life depends on it
I didn't want to film last night but i did cause my life depends in it
Got it?
Because of the timeline, you’re also removing the expectation of instant gratification
Instant gratification makes us obsessive
Imagine trying to lose 20 pounds, and checking the scale after every day you're at the gym

VS understandingggg how the body works
Which is, you'll need to wait about 2 months to see results that make you happy
Same with your new reality
You dont EXPECT to see results day 1, week 1, or any other ridiculous idea
You've committed to do this thing for the next two months (and beyond because you'll be so obsessed)
Therefore you're emotionally detached

You're not checking to see "if its worth it" in the moment
Crying about the fact that nothing works because you tried something once and it didnt work
So your energy has shifted, and your negative thoughts are given no time or credit, and you are doing the habits of your ideal self
And this creates a massive quantum shift
Have you ever heard people say.... manifesting your reality has more to do with WHO you become?

This is what were doing, you've become a new human through these steps 
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