Here are some of my best anti aging tips

I took a poll on IG recently and the majority of you following me are interested in anti aging. 


So lets talk about that


As you guys know I look at everything from both sides of the equation 


I look at the energy and I look at the practical.


The energy is really understanding behaviors exhibited by someone youthful (attractiveness notwithstanding), and practical is implementing those where logical in your life. 


The energy would be understanding the physical features of someone youthful, the practical is knowing exactly how and when to tweak those. 


The energy is understanding that youth really is health in every aspect. 


Mental, physical, spiritual, psychological, emotional, etc. 


The practical is the discipline to strive towards health in every area


Also being hot and being youthful are not synonymous


Were not trying to look "young" were trying to look like a healthy hot person lmao


Does that make sense? 


People think you look "young" when you are just hot healthy taking care of yourself and living your best life 


Either way it doesn't matter cause were just trying to live our best life period


One thing about "anti aging" is,

You cant have any weird energy of feeling hot, wanting to feel hot, putting time energy and money into being hot. 


There are a lottttt of hang ups around this topic


Because its sensitive like the topic of money


Here are a few tips regarding my thoughts on practical procedures


First the face, im going to skip the importance of a skincare routine right now since that is what i talk about 99% of the time

But watch this video I filmed last summer  


There are a couple types of filler


Were going to talk about structural and volumizing filler


Sometimes people try to use structural filler (voluma) to give overall volume but i think that only works to a certain point


I picture Charlotte in the new SATS as someone who got structural filler for volume


For adding volume I like Sculptra


Actually Im doing Sculptra in my face for the first time in a couple weeks


Sculptra builds your bodies natural collagen so its pretty insanely amazing


I think PDO threads have potential too for giving a similar effect


I get asked often if its too young to get botox and filler at 20-25.


I say most likely yes unless you are fixing major issues


Always err on the side of less is more


The longer you wait the better you look for longer

Especially for botox. 


I feel like there is zero need before mid/late twenties but its a case by case thing


And when you get it... you definitely dont need more than 10 units per area for a while


Just like a little here and there is enough


As much as possible I think you should use chemical peels, lasers, and other non invasive procedures to tighten and refine texture

But that can only work to a certain extent


Eventually I think mini face lifts will be a great idea.  


For the body, a few main things you need to do


Work out, but do what your body calls you to do


Working out is also good for the skin and a more overall youthful appearance

Its 100% essential to any "anti aging" routine


Working out to the body is kind of like.... cleansing and moisturizing for the face


Its a non negotiable to keep the building blocks and integrity of the cells in the best shape possible. 


Not everyone wants to work out the same way. 


Some women feel better doing lighter exercises like walking, hiking, cardio, swimming, barre, etc.


Some women need intensity. 


I like a mix. I rotate between pilates, barre, yoga, weight lifting, walking, sprints. 


Whats important to me though is building muscle and staying on top of that


Building muscle is a good mental exercise for me but also it gives shape to the body, 


It builds bone density, 

And also allows you to eat more food since your muscles need so much to survive


Muscles are constantly burning fat on your behalf... kind of like passive income


Im not even going into hair, makeup, nails grooming, etc that is enough for now


But ladies... all i have to say about that is the details MATTER


We notice details, and the ones that skip the details give themselves away


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