How to get that GLOW

Lets talk about how to get glowy skin.

What is glowy skin? 

Its skin that is happy, healthy, and hydrated

It is a youthful feature 

But its not reserved strictly for younger aged individuals

Its something anyone can achieve at any age

Because like i said... its healthy skin

So lets talk about it

What is healthy skin?

Healthy skin is:

Fed the right nutrients inside and out: healthy balanced nutrient dense diet and skincare routine

Can "breathe": not smothered by dull dead skin build up or makeup/spf/dirt/oil

Hydrated: properly moisturized, contains a good balance of oil & water

Clean: dirt is removed from the surface and pores

Exfoliated: Removing dead skin and encouraging new cell growth, while allowing hydration to dip to the lower layers.

Constantly challenged: Using new treatments, ingredients, procedures that will allow your skin to revitalize itself regularly without "getting used" to any one avenue. 

Protected: From the sun and also through proper healing when needed.

You can really start cultivating your glowy complexion today if you choose, 

Here are some products youll need in your arsenal (linking some reccs)

A double cleanse- oil cleanser followed by gentle cleanser

A vitamin c ...mine is a hydrating, gentle one. heres a more aggressive one as well

A hydrating serum

A retinol (OTC or prescription or both)

Chemical exfoliant (literally mine is my favorite "drugstore level" one)


Moisturizer (you can also use my retinol cream as a moisturizer if you have that)

Repair serum

I also recommend getting regular facials, 

Especially if you can find an esthetician who knows how to do proper extractions

Youll also need to observe your diet (mental and physical) and exercise 

When eating, make sure you are staying true to what your body needs, vs what it wants

Consider incorporating a multivitamin

Drink a lot of water

Limit alcohol and sugar intake

You know.. the basics.

For mental diet...

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with activities, people, media, that result in positive thoughts and feelings that make you feel good, happy, and improve your life, 

Make sure to seek counseling when necessary

Conscious and subconscious stress kills collagen, and contorts our facial muscles

I swear our mind ages us before time does. 

Look at someone 30 today, previously thought as old 100 years ago. 

30 looked old 100 years ago

Now, we have different expectations

And with these expectations come new medical advancements

How do you want to look? is the real question.

You're not a victim of your body or face, you get to decide.

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