How to use all of my products together?

So one of the number one questions I get asked is how to use all my products together.​
I did make a video about it here.
But I’m gonna go into it in this post as well.​
The way you need to use skin care is a very instinctual process.​
It’s just like makeup in the sense that you may need a lot of tools in your arsenal​
but it doesn’t mean you’re going to use every single one of those tools every single time you do your makeup.​
When you need a brown eyeshadow you need a brown eyeshadow​
that doesn’t mean you need a brown eyeshadow every day.​
Same thing with skin care.​
You need a glycolic acid but you don’t need to use that glycolic acid every day right?​
So how do you know when to use that glycolic acid? Or any product?​
Well who tells you when to wear a brown eyeshadow?​
No one...​
it’s when you feel like wearing a brown eyeshadow.​
It’s a very similar process when you choose your skin care.​
When you’re choosing your skin care for the day it’s what you feel like using.​
What do you feel like using isn’t a necessarily a discombobulated process. ​
Yes you may choose things in a haphazard way if you are reaching or obsessing or being neurotic about how your skin looks,​
but if you just stay within the parameters of treating your skin as sensitive skin​
you won’t have a problem.​
People ask me,​
Jenny how do you switch products all the time and not get a break out?​
Well it’s because I stay within the parameters of using skin care designed for sensitive skin.​
I use non-irritating formulas​
and I have no expectation inside of me that they will break me out or irritate me​
and if I do see irritation I notice right away and stop using that product.​
In my Acne Makeover course I go into depth about the exact parameters of how to treat your skin like sensitive skin​
but I’ll sum it up for you here...​
no fragrance, limited ingredients, limited steps.​
That’s the methodology,​
don’t overdo it is the over arching theme.​
You have to know how your skin feels and what that feeling means.​
You wouldn’t use an acid if your skin felt tight or red or irritated or warm any of the above.​
You use an acid when you know that you have dead skin built up on the surface.​
How do you know?​
Your skin feels like it needs to be injured! ​
It FEELS super healthy, super strong,​
and you know you need to exfoliate on a regular basis.​
so what is a "regular basis" that fits your skin?​
It’s different for everyone because all of our bodies are different.​
I could say use glycolic acid one time a week​
and that would be too much for someone and too little for another.​
It all depends on your skin tolerance, your history, what skin products you used in the past, what you were using in your routine that day, etc. ​
So basically you can educate yourself as much as possible on the effects of different ingredients,​
what not to mix together,​
but ultimately youre the decision maker​
you’re driving the bus​
you know what’s best.​
Some basic rules of thumb...​
don’t use the glycolic acid and salicylic acid in the same day,​
don’t use retinol and acid in the same routine if you’re a beginner,​
make sure you allow proper time for healing after you've use an acid​
and that’s pretty much it.​
If you see the very professional diagram I drew for you above,​
you can see three of my products are actives (controlled injury) and three are regenerative (controlled healing).​
Skin works in the same way as growing a muscle does.​
You must tear the muscle fibers​
but then you must feed the muscle what it needs and allow for proper healing so it can grow back larger.​
Same with skin....​
You injure the skin, so its forced to build collagen and repair itself,​
but then you must give it what it needs to grow back as its best self. ​
Am I complicating things by explaining this to you guys?​
Sometimes I feel like it,​
sometimes I feel like you guys just want straight answers​
but it’s complex​
it really is asking similar to asking someone what makeup you should wear that day.​
It’s a very personal decision.​
However you do need to, like I said, build up your arsenal.​
And what should be in your arsenal?​
Trust me watch this video! I go into depth.​
But basically you need:​
something to exfoliate, something to hydrate and plump, vitamin c/antioxidants, something to repair the skin barrier, something to moisturize, something to cleanse, something to take your makeup off, something to accelerate cell turnover.​
Why do you need all of these things?​
Because that’s how the skin works.​
Think of it as a machine​
you constantly need to tune.​
The skin heals itself but we are in control of providing the environment to the skin.​
Providing the skin the best environment means​
you keep the dead skin cells away,​
you keep the cells that are living, healthy fresh, hydrated, clean, and protected. ​
I truly feel like i could go on forever​
this is why skincare to me is philosophy more than anything​
but i hope this gives you more of an idea and empowers you how to take care or your skin​
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