I got let go of my job in 2019 & this is how i flipped it

Do you feel stuck around your purpose or what you SHOULD be doing??

What’s blocking you from what you want is fear

It sounds very trite doesn’t it?

Well, I can promise you that is still very relevant since fear actually disguises itself as something to take seriously.

Fear will have you believing it merits consideration

Like it deserves a seat at the table
Believing it may be your instinct speaking

How can you tell the difference?

Fear doesnt take you anywhere

You look back on your life at things you say you want that haven't come to fruition

And youre still half ass pursuing those things

Waiting to FEEL like its the right thing

This is a dead giveaway

So how do you get rid of the feeling?

Let me tell you a story

So back in the day... like a few years ago lol

Early 2019, I was let go from my day job (BEST DAY EVER😆)

I knew I wanted to own a skincare line

I knew I wanted to be a coach

But I didn't know how to create it

And I needed money

I was 32, which felt utterly too old to be in the position I was in

Still ruminating about how to create what I wanted with my life

But I knew for a fact I wanted to be an entrepreneur at this point

Yes, until this point I was still debating ~WHEN~

Still waiting for it to feel "right"

But when I got let go, i was left with no options.

I wasn't about to go find another mother fucking day job

I realized all I needed was time, money, and freedom in order to create the business I wanted

So I got a job bartending

Yes while all my friends were busy being adults with adult jobs and families, I was working part time as a bartender

This became literally my only option though

Where else would I have the income potential and freedom?

My back was up against the wall, bartending was my key to creating the lifestyle and business I wanted

I wasn't great at first, there was a lot of competition, there were girls that were PROfessionals

They knew how to dress, how to talk, who to talk to and they bled confidence and charisma

I went home and cried after my first night because I felt like this was my only and last option and I was going to suck at it

But I pulled myself together and I kept putting myself out there, I kept going.

I mean I had to, in my mind this was my only option

I kept observing what the other girls did, taking what suited me, creating my own methods, honed my communication and closing skills, got confident about my prices, and showed up consistently day after day, Monday's, Tuesdays, Fridays

Eventually i got GOOD

I got amazing actually

I was making a quarter million per year cash money as in cold hard cash in your hands, not like from your employer, then minus taxes, then wait two weeks, NO...

Cash On Demand.

...working 3 days or less per week

I thought I was in motherfucking heaven

I wondered WHY doesn't everyone do this??

I saved a shit load, launched my company and the rest is history here we are.

As I reflect on this time period of my life, a few things are clear about my success

One, I didn't have any options (or so i perceived)

That FORCED me to commit

There was no deliberation like....ohhhh is this the right path for me? ohhhh is this what the universe wants for me? ohhhh maybe its not the right time or ohhhh maybe something is blocking me


NO no no no no no no and no

It was survival, there was no flooofity flooffy shiit

The energy of this though is what needs to be duplicated

The reason we even have the luxury of fear is because there are so many options, we are spoiled with choice and comfortability

You have too many options, too many possibilities, and youre not in enough danger to force something to be right

When you have no options you feel more grounded, you submit to life, and the process, and your energy is committed

Your energy portrays "definiteness of purpose"

All forces conspire to create this reality for you. Not right away, but with time and work

Without definiteness of purpose you will fail because you will be negotiable

You'll entertain your fear

Get it?

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