Leveling Up Requires Risks

Leveling up requires risks. 

And if you're risk averse, its because at some point in your life you drew the conclusion that it was not safe to follow your desires.

Think of the most traumatizing events that have occurred in your life. 

The situations you got yourself into that gave you ptsd.

If you drew the conclusion that you cant trust yourself, you didnt extract the proper lesson.

Because the lesson is never that you cant trust yourself.

The lesson is never that you cant trust following your heart, passion, excitement, etc...

It will never be, that you cant trust your inner guidance system.

If you've drawn that conclusion, you'll find yourself stuck.

You'll be paralyzed by this generalized fear that keeps you in your safe zone.

Because your conclusion... when i follow my heart, bad things happen

Leads you to have the brakes on full time anytime you get potentially excited about anything.

It squanders your zest for life

Anytime you feel desire to expand, the brakes come on.

Anytime your heart is telling you to do something, the brakes come on.

Anytime you are feeling called towards something that would lead you to greater happiness and growth, the brakes come on.

Anytime you want to enter a situation that would challenge you positively and lead to your uplevel, the brakes come on.


The worst part is... 

These are futile attempts at protection because you didn't even learn the right lesson.

Therefore you're just manifesting fear.

You know that concept- when you are afraid of something you manifest the thing you're trying to avoid? 

Generalized fear is not a good thing, it creates problems.

It will give you a negative attitude and you'll be triggered by other peoples success.

Youll think its unfair that they can follow their heart and succeed but you cannot.

But if you learned the right lesson, you would be able to follow your heart and avoid the same heartache

The right lesson should never be that you cannot trust your desires

The right lesson will always be a specific, concrete, measurable, actionable.

Its a loving lesson from the universe that never includes: do not trust your inner calling to expand.

The right lesson makes you feel calmer about life, it should not increase your neurosis.

If it does, its the wrong lesson.

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