Manifest Your Dream Life

Someone was triggered by my email the other day,
Read it here if you missed it
She called me "privileged" in a derogatory way
This really inspired me 
Because my life was not an accident,
I was not born into this life. 
No one gave it to me
I created all of it
After being broke and struggling for so long
Feeling some days like I would die from the pain i felt 
Feeling like I didnt have enough oxygen,
Like I was drowning, barely keeping my head above water
Truly miserable
I sort of lost my head
I became unapologetically obsessed with making money on my terms
I didn't care how long it took, I just needed to see a light at the end of the tunnel
To feel hope
To KNOW there was an end 
No matter what i needed to do
I was going to make it happen because life didn't make sense any other way
Im not special
I had to deprogram a lot of fucked up programs that were running
Programs that I could have fallen victim to like i see happen to so many people
So I've seen other perspectives, I've just opted out of them
I didn't find them useful to achieving my goals
Every day is still a mother fucking struggle to create what I want
Actually if you're interested, 
Listen to my podcast where i document some of my more inner thoughts regarding my experiences
But my message is, 
Any reality you want is available to you with the right attitude 
So I'm hosting a workshop to help you get started
A live video call, while I'm in Tulum 3/1
Where you can opt into this "elitist" lifestyle too
We will take a crucial first step,
Choosing your niche and getting your energy in the right place.
In order to create a business, you need to commit to one thing
You can go back and forth for years
Deliberating over the "perfect" career
After years of doing the same shit, I chose skin in 2014
I just decided the time to choose was now, and I committed
Its as simples as that, 
You decide you're done wasting time,
You decide now is the time
You realize that it really doesn't matter what you pick to some extent
Because the journey is objectively similar
And all that matters is that you choose something,
So you can get started on this journey 
And the quicker you can get to your ideal lifestyle
Your choice comes from your instinct
Do you know how to get your instinct involved? 
By combining logic with emotion.
We'll go through this process of how you select,
And you'll leave with an energetic shift that you need in order to create change
You will leave committed to your new direction
The floor will be open for Q&A 
Should last 1-1.5 hours
We will cover....
-How to shift into deciding your time is now
-Evaluating your life logically and emotionally and coming to a final decision
-Tapping into the collective energy to determine your best calling
-Committing to your new niche, until it comes to fruition
-Next steps, options for support on your new journey
I created a youtube video here, which you should watch if you're interested in this workshop. 
Read more details about the workshop here
Cant wait to see you in there💜

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