Most Common Skincare Mistake

When I do consultations, they can be a little complicated. That is because the condition of your skin in this moment may not be the true condition of your skin. I have to see the full range of products you are using because most people are using the wrong products. The most common misconception I see is when people think they have oily/acne prone skin and are using corresponding cleansers for that issue, when really they have normal/combination skin. They are just using the incorrect products for their skin type and promoting acne. I think we grew up in an age where we were inundated with Neutrogena and Clean & Clear commercials and that likely affected the way we understand how to deal with acne. That there was one way and it was through the "Oil Free Acne Wash".
You don't always want to fight acne. Most acne is actually your skin just trying to communicate with you. There are several types of acne; self-induced, hormonal imbalance, bacterial, and a damaged acid mantle. Self-induced acne as well as hormonal ace are both cystic (under the skin and painful). But bumps on the surface and whitehead pimples are on the epidermis and are caused by bacteria and damage to the acid mantle.
The only time you should be using an acne targeted cleanser is if you are instructed to do so by a Doctor (but always use your own instinct as well). Most of the time it is to treat bacterial acne. Otherwise, if you are using an acne cleanser, you are damaging your skin and causing your own breakouts as well as accelerating the aging process. The ingredients in acne cleansers are way too aggressive for normal skin. An acne cleanser will ruin your acid mantle by stripping away all oil and throwing off your pH. The oil on your skin is part of the acid mantle and the acid mantle is a self regulating ecosystem that protects your skin from the world. The acid mantle protects your skin from bacteria penetrating it. So now you allow bacteria to have easier access to your pores. Also, at this point your skin is trying to produce oil at rapid speeds because "no oil" alarms go off. Not a good combination. The stress that your skin endures because of this is also a huge way to accelerate the aging process which obviously no one wants.
Try switching to a gentle cleanser and get rid of any other acne targeted products other than spot treatment. I usually recommend Purity by Philosophy, its one of the most universal cleansers and I haven't seen it irritate anyone.

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  • Juana

    Hi ms beauty . I would love a consultant with you please . I have acne and I feel like I’m going crazy I don’t know what to used anymore 😭💔

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