My Thoughts On SKKN By Kim

Kim Kardashian is launching a skincare line and here are all my thoughts including drama, manufacturing, product details, etc.

I've noticed some people have their panties majorly in a bunch as is to be expected with any Kardashian launch.

I have my critiques but Im pretty unbothered by it and also semi uninterested.

Celebrity skincare is just not my passion or interest.

I dont have any hangups about Kim like stealing market share.

Theres enough in this universe for everyone

And I dont feel like I own the genre of skincare and like shes stepping on my toes.

And I dont have a Kardashian trigger.

Although I was triggered when Kylie launched her skincare line lmao. 

I thought like...this is audacious.

She was like 20 at the time and no fucking way was into skincare.

I think she mentioned she got a facial once.

When it comes to skincare for me, age plays a large factor whether I'll respect the source or not.

Kim's 40 ish and looks amazing so whatever.

People crying about the name "SKKN" already being used.

Well congrats for those women now they scored the damn lottery with instant brand recognition.

I get it that it may be annoying but that’s why you trademark.

And as far as "stealing" design elements from Dezi Skin...

Yeah i can see that but this is Kim's aesthetic it fits her

And its a semi common aesthetic.

Desert neutral minimalism.

Its what her entire Skims brand is designed around as well.

That would be like saying someone is stealing boho aesthetic.

Its kind of like yeah every bitch is doing it, its the moment.

One article called Kim's line "terribly expensive".


$43-$95 is like Drunk Elephant, prestige market.

Not drugstore but not Sisley or LaMer.

I mean... you ALREADY know i would never pay $90 for a hyaluronic acid thats for sure.

Out of all the products….

(gentle foaming cleanser- $43, exfoliating toner- $45, mechanical/enzymatic exfoliator- $55, HA serum- $90, vitamin c serum- $90, face cream- $85, eye cream- $75, vitamin c oil drops- $95, overnight oil- $95)

I would probably interested only in the exfoliating toner.

Inexpensive exfoliating toners are mostly SHIT,

You really have to spend a little bit to get a good one so the price is actually justified.

I also remember reading this was fragrance free which I appreciate.

As far as her quote in the NY Times about how "they are all necessary", thats a bunch of bologna!

But remember back in the day how every company insisted that their products worked better as a "system"?

There's some truth to that.

But how do you not have a retinol OR a sunscreen in your line but you call them all "necessary"?

If you were to buy the full SKKN system it would be $630.

So thats their goal from a sales/marketing perspective, hoping people buy multiple SKU's.

I have no doubt this cost a shit load to put together.

I would say a few million to be conservative.

Lets say they buy 10k units per sku…90k total just for the components, not including refills.

I think that would be a "conservative" number for Kim who may be able to have 1 million customers day one.

If they sold out, at an average price of $75, thats $6.75M in one launch

So their investment may be paid immediately.

I clearly just guessed on all those numbers but I think thats a likely scenario.

Unit cost is probably high despite the high quantities.

Between the custom packaging, including those refill units, marketing, etc the units are probably minimum $10-$20 each so part of the cost is justified.

90k units X $15 is $1.3M just for the finished product. Development may have cost multiple times that.

Once the money is made, inventory has to be repurchased, people need to be paid, the margins go QUICK.

After a while it becomes more streamlined,

Once they figure out the exact quantities that need to be purchased, inventory cost becomes predictable and maybe even cheaper.

With any brand like this, a full skincare line, that likely wont have new releases on a regular basis (MAYBE 1 x year if that?),

The bulk of your money is going to be in the beginning of the launch when the anticipation is highest.

Think about JLo skin, its barely relevant.

Although their Sephora real estate helps consistent sales flow.

So SKKN could buy 10k per SKU for the first launch to gauge interest,

To see if any of them are dud's (aka no one buys), work out the kinks, see what the favorites are, see what the response is, make any needed adjustments, and repurchase.

Its more advantageous to sell out quick to keep anticipation high and reduce risk

Than to have plenty of inventory on the onset and assume all that risk of not knowing how people will respond.

I think brands leaning towards refill culture under the veil of sustainability is actually a huge marketing move.

Im just playing devils advocate I'm not saying its true.

It subconsciously encourages people to repurchase.

You get a "deal" on the refills and its just like priming which is a psychological trick.

Get people to say yes at something random and this will prime them to say yes to something you want them to.

Back to the products,

I wish I could see the freaking ingredients that is pretty effing stupid!

But remember Kylie did the same thing?

The physical/enzymatic exfoliator gives me Exfolikate vibes.

Which is crazy irritating for me but some people love it.

The fact they recommend following this physical/enzymatic exfoliator with the acid toner is like *clown emoji* what???

Seems a little crazy.

Followed by two different types of vitamin c? Idk.

Unless these are veryyyyyy low percentages contained in the formulas that seems like a horrible idea.

And when would you use your retinol?

Kim said her inspiration for launching a skincare line is because she loves to share.

Well bitch share the real shit!

Share who you get filler from, what do you tell him, how do you get so symmetrical, what professional treatments are you getting? 

Its obviously important to have a consistent skincare routine,

But its important to get filler, botox, lasers, peels, etc if you want to keep your face looking as good as possible.

Okay that is my two cents for now lovers. Have an amazing day.

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