My Vitamin C Serum Has 2 Stars On Amazon!! 😱😅

I had a meltdown yesterday. 


I recently launched a couple products on Amazon, my new Vitamin C Serum, and my new Glycolic Peeling Solution. 

And... of course my products have gotten bad reviews in the past its expected you will accumulate them. 

but never...



have i received a bad review for THE VERY FIRST REVIEW!


My very first review ever for my Vitamin C serum is a 2 star! 

Which leaves it looking like a glaring basic ass bitch. Take a look!

I died. 

As you guys know... reviews are everyyythinggg on Amazon and everywhere.

Nothing with a 2 star rating is going to sell. 

Luckily I know my product is amazing and will come back from the depths of hell. 

But in the moment right now its so painful omg. 

So painful seeing that product up there with nothing but a 2 star review lmao fuckkkk my life. 

So the review compares my product to Skinceuticals CE Ferulic...

which they are not comparable.

CE Ferulic is LIFE CHANGING!! 

And patented!

And $200 (and i would buy it over and over again cuz its that amazing).

But you cant compare that to my baby Vitamin C serum! 

This would not hurt so bad if it wasnt the first review.

It would be okay if it was like the 10th review. 

I would be like okay i respect it. thank you next. 

But ouch! The first😅

So yes my ranking has plummeted on Amazon which makes my product less discoverable. 

And i really want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible because its such a beautiful formula!

I will accumulate enough 5 star reviews to balance it out. 

The universe is testing me... testing my fortitude, testing my belief, testing my strength. right?

Long story short... i actually feel amazing!

My strength and focus has been solidified. 

One of my worst fears came true!

And thats that...

Now i have to prepare for black friday! 

OMG. its next week!!

So many surprises for you guys. 

Leave a happy review on my Vitamin C if you're inspired. 

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