Aging, Acne, & Generational Curses, oh my!

One thing Im teaching in my new course, The Clear Skin Blueprint, is how important it is to disidentify from the voices in your head.​

When we do not differentiate between our authentic selves and our brain, we become "ideologically possessed".​

That is the state where you cant see above the different thoughts and activity going on in your brain and body and you act as a puppet.​

You become a victim of your programming.​

This is why generational patterns and curses are a thing.​

If you cannot rise above and become the director of your life, its unlikely you will ever get to where you want.​

You definitely wont have control.​

The reason why this is important when it comes to acne,​

Most people who've suffered from chronic breakouts have their back up against the wall​

After experiencing a slew of lackluster answers from the industry​

You have a problem that needs solving.​

No one can help you.​

You are forced to go supernatural.​

The normal advice and the mainstream narrative isn't serving you.​

And you FEEL that.​

You feel lost, you feel confused.​

>>You'll have to create a new reality for yourself<<​

In order to create a new reality for yourself you have to be able to do what i am talking about:​

Become the director of your life.​

You need to be in the position to direct your experience.​

You need to take the matters into your own hands. ​

When you start to identify the thoughts in your head as separate from you....​

You identify with your true self and see the brain as separate, you see emotions as separate​

You start to see how powerful your brain is, and how its a computer,​

Its not you, its at your disposal.​

Its a tool for you to use to get to where you want.​

You then begin to understand how brains work.​

How they can be programmed however youd like.​

And then you program it to get to the desired destination.​

How does reprogramming your brain get rid of your acne?​

Because you eradicate deep seated fear and attachment,​

Both which are fueling your cystic breakouts.​

Because your acne is trying to tell you something,​

Your acne is just a symptom,​

Whats underneath is something that needs your attention so you can become "fully integrated". ​

Reintegration forces you to come face to face with the things you hate the most,​

The things you fear the most,​

The things you've pushed down to the deeper layers of your being,​

The things that you've dissociated from, tried to forget,​

That now represent your triggers,​

And youre triggered by your acne.​

See how this is all connected?​

That’s why I called this course the "blueprint".​

Because technically you can apply it to anything.​

For example, same goes with anti aging, making money, relationships, you name it.​

Let me show you...​

So lets say you are working on anti aging​

Your complexion is at least 50% affected by environmental factors.​

(The the other half would be genetic)​

Environmental factors include stress, amongst other things​

Stress is not just “oh im stressed at work”​

Its quieter than that​

It’s the demons you refuse to face​

The I’s you forgot to dot and the T’s you forgot to cross​

Its every loose end, especially the loose ends youd rather forget.​

It amounts into this undercurrent of fear​

Which keeps you rotting in your comfort zone,​

Deprived of that zest for life that is attributed to youth​

Well why is it in possession of the youth?​

Because they haven’t yet done the adult human thing​

Push down true wants, needs, and desires​

Choke down things you want and need to say​

The ways you need to stand up for yourself and advocate for your spirit​

The risks you really need to take​

The ways you need to think for yourself but don’t​

And then harbor resentment, letting it kill your spirit​

And its all subconscious​

But it bubbles up in random areas of your life​

Like your face!​

Sometimes Im surprised how deep I go with this shit but that’s just how I think of things lmao.​

Im currently out of town actually, working from a random city called Sebewaing​

Never heard of it!​

Im doing some last minute exploring around MI with one of my friends before I relocate in a few weeks​

Okay so I must be responsible and tell you​

The barrier serum is running extremely low and my next order wont be ready until like end of June I think.​

So I recommend stocking up if you can.​

Also, if you’re interested in The Clear Skin Blueprint, I recommend getting on the waiting list so you are first notified when it launches again later this year. ​ ​

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