Some of the most game changing lessons I've learned in life and business

Tonight my friend Caitlyn from Valid Collective is interviewing me for her lifestyle brand! We thought it would be fun to collaborate on this because we've experienced one another's growth over the last several years.
I was prepping for tonight by reflecting on some of the most game changing lessons I've learned in life and business. I even brought out old journals to remind me of what a former version of me thought about.
Here are some things I came up with...
-Too attached to the money
-Too attached to needing the money to come in a specific way
-Too attached to the way things are and needing them to work
-Externalizing my power
-Not recognizing my core purpose
-Struggling with needing to name my core purpose intellectually instead of feeling into it
-Being too focused on intellectually how to make money or be successful 
-Not understanding money is inside of you at all times (connected to not recognizing purpose)
-Thinking feeling "dead" inside was a me problem. 
-If something isn't working, don't do it harder.
-Know when to push and when to allow & receive. 
-You don't have to do things you don't want to do.
-If you hate your job, you're not wrong.Your body is communicating with you at all times. 
-You almost have to surrender to the things you want and by virtue of this you carry the energy of surrender and become very flowy and manifest everything easier. 
-Carry the energy of; You're welcoming universe for me showing up and doing the thing you want me to do. 
-You know what you want, you're just telling yourself it doesn't fit into the box. 
-Fuck your "shoulds" they are always wrong when they feel wrong.
-Your instinct and excitement is right. 
-More money will not make you feel better about ignoring whats in your soul. 
-Anything from a forcing energy is wrong. 
-If you don't want something you won't be able to manifest it. Admit when you don't want it so you can be open to your authentic desires flowing in. 
There are probably so many more, but these are some more recent ones that have clicked into place. 
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Jenny Bauer

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