Spiritual Acne

I have not understood how to quantify my experience with acne. I overcame it in such a weird way I have not really understood it until recently. I tried every single product on the market. There was not a product too far or high for me to acquire. I didn't care what it cost I just wanted to be able to understand and control my breakouts. They started out of nowhere and they continued for years whilst being connected to nothing in particular. It was almost 100% cystic. I experimented with different dieting techniques, products, health professionals, psychics, lights, chemical peels, you name it- I've tried it. Everything seemed to work a little bit, but not entirely.
The way I came to understand that my acne was psychological was when I saw shaman. The shaman released a great deal of fear that I held onto that was provoking my emotions. Once I overcame that fear, I was never the same. I could never go back to thinking the fear was real, when it wasn't. That fear was the direct catalyst for my cystic breakouts. I have most certainly had breakouts since then but I can tell you exactly where they came from. Its always either stress, low vibration, sugar, caffeine, cheese; usually a combination.
When I say fear, I mean a nonsensical fear. I mean like neurosis. The best way I can put it is, take a step back and look at how you view your acne? If you get a gut wrenching sensation when you feel a cystic breakout coming on, then you are experiencing psychological acne.

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