Tell the universe to step the ef up!

Hi bunny!

The message of the day is....

Demand the universe to step up 

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Were talking about attachment and releasing attachment in order to call in what you want

Lets say you are severely struggling with manifesting something

You are trying and trying and you really want and need this thing but nothing is working out

You are feeling negative, stressed, depressed, etc

You are seeing no results and you are becoming drained

You feel like something is missing

You feel an air of desperation in your energy

Grasping at straws

This is what attachment feels like 

Attachment is a guarantee that you're not going to be able to manifest

If you actually want to manifest the thing, attachment needs to be released 

You cannot be the only one with skin in the game

This is a co creative process

The universe needs to put in some effort if you are to continue down this path otherwise you will be pursuing others

Here's an exercise to release attachment

First, acknowledge your situation is fucked up

Its fucked up that you are putting in so much effort and not getting what you want

Then identify what your core desire really is

This is the desire beneath the desire that we spoke about a few days ago

Then get creative and consider every single alternative option that fulfills your core desire

You must come up with at least 1 or 2 really exciting creative alternatives

This is akin to any type of calibration, rotating tires (why did this come to my mind), 

Balancing anything out (having to put equal weight on either side so the thing is balanced)

You are loosening the grip you have on the thing you want to manifest

But you are NOT doing this in order to manifest your thing

You are doing this because you have to be radically honest with yourself that the thing is not working out and it may not be whats best for you

No matter how much on the surface you think it is, you have to let it go 

This requires humility and flexibility 

The universe does have skin in the game so if shes not showing you a concerted effort, admit this avenue is not working out

Its almost like playing reverse psychology with the universe...

Except for you really are buying into your alternatives. 

You’re not bluffing 

You’re not desperate,

You have boundaries and standards

And you can find a way to meet your core desire in another avenue if you cant get this avenue

Working out looks like: serendipity

Working out looks like: signs along the way that the universe is putting in effort

Working out: means you will feel welcome on your path

So if its not working out, lay the boundary

Put your foot down 

And come up with your creative alternatives

Because the truth is... you may not get the thing you think you want

But its impossible to not get your core desires met

Core desires grow from a pure and truth filled place

The external thing you desire is just a thing you think in the moment is the thing to help you fulfill those desires

Being attached to the external thing is just a function of ego

It doesn’t mean that you wont get the original thing

You don’t know at this point and it will be different for every scenario

But one thing is for sure…

When you release attachment, what you are supposed to have, flies in

And its above and beyond what you imagined

Its better than expected

More suited to you, your wants, your needs, and your core desires, that you could have dreamt up in your 2D mind

You have to require effort of the universe, that is your boundary 

Ok loves, journal on this!

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