The Acne Makeover Course


Im launching some digital educational material I thought you should know about. 

The first content I'm launching is for you if you are struggling with acne-

The acne makeover course.

This course is the foundational material you must go through to begin healing your skin. 

I get so so sooo many questions about acne every day.

And i've helped so many people get to the root cause of their breakouts. 

And I was there, I struggled too. I get it!

it was one of the most difficult things in my life.

CLEARLY, since I made a career out of it and shit! 

The formula i introduce in this course is the formula i've used over and over again.

its tried and true. 

and im so excited for you to embark on this journey. 

the reason why this material is different, is because i make things simple, sustainable, 
and i always get to the root of the problem.
the root of the problem is what matters.
the root of the problems is the ONLY thing that matters
because why would you want to try to manage the surface level symptoms and walk on egg shells?
When you try to manage the symptoms you dont have control.
I like to have control tbh. Not just over my skin but over my life. 
The Bauer Beauty Acne System is an internal external model that looks at acne from a holistic point of view
it targets acne from every angle and eventually isolates the root cause and eradicates it
It was designed by me, someone who struggled with acne while doing psychedelics... lmao. 
I mean really that is what happened so maybe its why i began to look at acne so differently than i noticed other people did. 
It all started in my mid twenties when i was breaking out slash going through a quarter life crisis simultaneously.
I sought out various healing methods and eventually,
one day,
i had a very deep healing session with a shaman
and after that session, i faced so many fears internally that acne no longer scared me.
and it was gone. and it never came back. 
and i decided to make it my life mission to duplicating this process.
I got my esthetician's license and now here we are!
there was a core of me though that knew i had to figure this shit out because i knew it didn't make sense. 
my material IS for the logical women.
the ones that are the fighters,
the doers, the thinkers,
the ones that hate small talk.
the truth seer,
the one whos in touch with her instinct. 
clear skin will start with this program, the Acne Makeover program.  
Read more of the details here

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