The Comfort Zone Principle

Todays message is about: The Comfort Zone Principle​

The comfort zone principle says: To the degree that you keep yourself in your comfort zone is to the degree that your life will be immeasurably more boring, unfulfilling, unsatisfying, lifeless, and unhealthy. ​

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Where are you holding yourself back? ​

Why does it matter where you're holding yourself back? ​

Isn't it okay to stay in our comfort zones? ​

Isnt it ok to stay safe? ​

To stay where you are? ​

To wait until you feel comfortable in order to finally do the thing? ​

NO. No no no and no. No. ​

For many reasons. ​

You're never actually going to feel like.... oh ya Im ready to do this thing Im totally comfortable. ​

NO. ​

No one ever in the history of the world is ever going to feel that way embarking on a new task because it's a new thing. ​

It's a new experience. ​

You still are going to have a comfort zone. ​

And embarking on tasks outside of that comfort zone will trigger fear and anxiety.​

Your comfort zone is a compilation of everything you have already done ​

>>You know what to expect from these things<<​

Even if you dont like these things, ​

The pain of doing something you've never done exceeds the pain of doing something you dont like​

The fear of the unknown for humans is massive. ​

We would rather take the path that we can predict​

Rather than trying something new ​

It's a risk ​

We risk emotion, status, psychological health, physical health, etc. when we try something new​

It's scary as fuck ​

Its easy for no one. ​

So no you're never gonna feel ready to step out of your comfort zone​

Another layer to this...​

There's the fact that you actually want to step out of your comfort zone but you are scared:​

So your logical mind is making up justifications as to why you cant or don't need to ​

You're telling yourself that its not necessary for what you need to accomplish...​

It's frivolous, irresponsible, audacious, uncharacteristic, *fill in the blank* ​ ​

You'll judge the people that do the thing, you'll be triggered by them​

We come up with all types of logical reasons but the actual reason is because we dont want to step out of our comfort zone​

Every day pushing the thing out of our mind, but the only thing is... they don't leave the mind.​

You're just pushing it out of conscious awareness, ​

This is what I teach in my clear skin blueprint course relative to clearing your skin​

Because when you are not doing the things you want to be doing, ​

You're creating strife between your physical self and your higher self​

Theres a discombobulated energy which can come out as for example skin lesions ​

(everybody's body will communicate with them differently) ​

Your higher self knows what you should do, but your physical self doesnt want to do the thing.​

Imagine for example that you knew that you should be eating a certain way but you never ate that way. ​ ​

Your self esteem decreases, self discipline is decreased, unhappiness increases, negative energy increases​

This is whats happening in your comfort zone​

Look around you​

Anything youre experiencing comes back to you​

All of those "shoulds" are open tabs ​

They all create a negative relationship with oneself which will come out in discombobulated energy ​

This energy produces results, environments, and experiences that you are not happy with ​

Growth is very natural to humans, ​

But as we age it's not as evident like it is when we are very young​

We're crawling then we're walking then we're riding a bike etc. ​

But when we get to a certain point that type of growth requires conscious effort​

Almost like swimming upstream ​

It doesn't seem mandatory to survival, like walking is​

Even though it can be (think of disease)​

Leap and the net will appear​

It requires leaping first​

With only blind faith​

Thats the type of energy you have to have​

This is an obscure part of human existence ​

And therefore no one forces you to take care of this ​

By contrast, there is more societal pressure to take care of yourself physically​

NOT doing it is taking the easy route. ​

The easy route is lazy ​

And it's OK to be lazy, but it should be balanced with the discipline to not be lazy​

Discipline is actually easier route even though it doesn't seem like it​

There is only one distinction between successful and unsuccessful people ​

Successful people do the things.​

Unsuccessful people sometimes say rude, judgmental, ignorant things about successful people just to justify why they have decided to stay in their comfort zone ​

It's just like I've said in the past, ​

Winning as a science​

You can choose to be successful, or you can choose to not be successful ​

But understand that it is a choice ​

And understand that even though everyone will have a different battle,​

The comfort zone principle still exists within everyone​

You must step out of it in order to succeed. ​

In order to live your best ​

And if you're not stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be triggered by those who do​

And that is why I teach that your triggers are your teachers​

Your triggers are trying to help you understand something​

Dont let them remain unconscious

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