The Confidence Formula

Today were talking about The Confidence Formula. 

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Confidence is... 

Number one, a choice

Number two, honed

Do you want to be confident?

Decide you're confident, then do everything you can to keep up with yourself.

Keeping up with yourself is a concept I learned years ago when I had to force myself to go to the gym

I noticed higher self Jenny wanted to go to the gym but physical self Jenny did not want to go to the gym.

Especially on those days when I was really busy, really tired, or had plans that sounded more fun than the gym.

Keeping up with yourself means living your life as closely to the higher self’s desires as possible. 

What are you not doing that your higher self wants you to do?

Those are all opportunities to strengthen your confidence.

Your higher self doesn't want you to be perfect, it just knows what is ideal for you

Sometimes your higher self wants you to eat donuts!

Ignoring the higher self deteriorates our confidence and our health

It erodes our self esteem when we break promises to ourselves

When we tell ourselves a victim story to justify our lazy behavior

Yes its hard, yes its painful, but how do you think shit gets done in this world?

Confidence is built in those day to day annoying decisions

It’s saying yes to the small things you know you “should” be doing

The decisions that you think can wait until tomorrow

That you downplay the importance of

Theres two types of pain, the pain from not doing the thing and the pain of doing the thing

You can train yourself to prefer the pain of doing the thing because that is actually the only thing that make sense

The pain of not doing the thing is worse because it eats away at your soul

The pain of doing the thing requires the pain of will power but it builds your soul

Your alliance should be with the health of your soul if you want to build confidence

Start with your physical health

Write down right now the physical health rules your higher self wants you to follow

And start immediately to follow it as closely as possible

If you’ve already mastered physical health, write the other things you know you “should” be doing that you’re not

Our “shoulds” eat us alive

>> The confidence formula is very simple, when we keep up with ourselves, keep promises to ourselves, push ourselves out of our comfort zones, do the things we know we need to do, our confidence increases, our overall quality of life increases.<<


Here’s the thing…

When you know that confidence is a choice and you know that it’s 100% due to your actions,

You have to admit to yourself that you might enjoy a victim story

Some people do, everybody is making their own decisions whether they realize it or not. 

If that’s you, ask yourself why is it in your benefit to make poor decisions for yourself?

There must be an incentive

You can look at the work of Carolyn Elliott who wrote the book at existential kink

This is all about shadow work

Shadow work is just bringing what’s unconscious to the conscious mind

Lack of self-awareness is the root of all victims stories

When you lack consciousness, you think things are happening to you, you don’t see how you are actually causing the things to happen to you

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