The energy of an existential crisis contributes to adult acne in your 20's

Fully emotional and pensive today. Why?

2 reasons, 

One of them being... its a full moon in cancer (which represents emotions)

Another, I drove by my old university today.

That is a rare occurrence since its quite far from me. But its exactly where my new workout studio is. 

It was 5:30 am, and i drove by the golf course on the campus.  

You know that feeling you get when you visit somewhere you used to be every day but you haven't been in so long?

Its like, you've changed, but the location has not changed.

And its kind of surreal and emotional. 

Like, where the fuck did time go? 

I wish i knew then what i know now...

which is that life is finite. 

Time is finite. 

These are not unlimited resources

As you age, time becomes palpable

You realize how fast it moves and how slow it moves at the same time, how you cant grasp it no matter how hard you try, how much time is wasted deliberating, and many others. 

There are pros with being college aged. 

You dont have many concerns, most of your friends are single with no kids, you feel like you have so much time, youre less likely to catastrophize since your frontal lobe is not developed, you kind of just follow your heart because you cant think of consequences. 

But as you get to your mid twenties, and your brain does fully develop, and so does your tendency towards neuroses:

Overanalysis, paralysis, confusion, anxiety, depression.

Feeling like... wow im 25 and im not even close to where I think I should be. My friends and colleagues are getting married, I cant even find normal guys to date, my career is bullshit, i never have enough money, and other people my age have their life figured out. They are in management, successful in their career, and I have to have everything figured out by 30 of course. 

The dreaded 30 milestone. 

I swear when you are 25+ turning 30 is something that haunts you

And then once you turn 30 youre like...fuck this is fucking amazing. 

You see how naive and insecure you were in your twenties. 

Being afraid of 30 has some validity because you have a time limit on how long you can reproduce,

But most of the fear and anxiety is really naïveté and insecurity. Coupled with typical existential crisis behavior. 


The energy of an existential crisis contributes to adult acne. 

Finding ways to rid myself of this was ultimately how I overcame my breakouts. 

Thats why I always say look for parallels in your life. 

The acne is not the only thing off in your life. 

There's a parallel. 

And working to fix the parallel will fix the skin


People say... stress causes breakouts. 

Yes this is true but its deeper than that.

Stress is a vague term, stress can come from anywhere really

If you focus on "not being stressed" then you will constantly be fighting the surface manifestations of the deeper issue

Why not just get to the root cause? 

I'm nothing if not efficient, and it doesn't make sense to me- in any area of life- to do things on the surface level. 

So lets say you have acne, what do you do? 

You want to always isolate the problem. So first repair the barrier, eliminate dietary triggers, then see how your skin behaves.

Youll likely see an improvement and then from there you can be sure the acne is not related to those external circumstances and can turn inwards.

My Acne Makeover Course is a great intro to this material. 

This will not only open your eyes to the world that is waiting for you on the other side, but it will give you the practical tips you need to see instant results.

My Barrier Serum is also a life changing experience, for improving any skin type, but especially when struggling with cystic acne breakouts. 

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