The Energy Of Skin & Beauty

Let’s talk about the energy of skin. 

Amazing skin, bad skin, aging skin, acneic skin...

One thing they all have in common is that they are the result of your energy

Yes they are a result of genetics as well

But you actually have a lot of control

No this doesn't mean to push down negative thoughts in favor of positive ones


That is otherwise known as "toxic positivity"

The reason I like playing with the energy behind beauty is because it’s:

1: more sustainable

2: more natural

3: more effortless and useful

4: more logical

You’re probably thinking, Jenny you get Botox and filler what are you talking about "natural"?

Well, I’m not saying to be "all natural"

What I’m saying is if you get filler and your energy is fucked up your fillers gonna look fucked up,

If you get filler and your energy is clean and aligned then you’re going to look more natural and amazing

I’ve experienced it both ways

It would kind of be the equivalent of wanting to change the color of your walls, but just painting right over the wallpaper that’s currently peeling off of it.

What’s the result?

It looks like shit, it looks fake it looks not clean it looks weird

Same thing with your face...

if you don’t fix the underlying energy then trying to fix the thing you don’t like it’s just like painting on top of crusty old wallpaper,

When really you need to remove the wallpaper and clean the wall off and prime it and prep it.

So let me give you one example of how to play with the energy of year how your face looks

Pick something out that you want to change right now

Lets say, loss of collagen.

Why does that thing bother you? List all the reasons

You may say... because it makes me look less healthy, less feminine

So then ask yourself, where in your life you're acting less healthy or less feminine? 

What in your life are you doing that is not very feminine?

Well... I’m exhibiting behaviors XYZ

So now you're onto the root cause

And this is how you dig. 

You intuitively I have an idea of what’s causing your aesthetic to look the way it is now. 

Especially if you’re doing all the practical things: eating healthy, taking care of yourself,

Likely you dont like how "masculine" you look because you are acting masculine.

Make sense?

Really the energy matters a lot

Why does the energy matter? Because we’re motherfucking made up of it!

Our cells turn over every few months, and you’re technically a new human

You become the habits that you exhibit over time

So that’s the process,

No what if it’s just aging? Well it makes me look older

What what are you doing in your life that intuitively you feel like is aging you?

What are the characteristics of someone who is aging? 

Where do you lack curiosity? Where do you lack flexibility?

Where are you not taking care of your health?

Where do you need to be more adventurous?

This is how you begin to play with the energy of how you look from the ROOT.

That’s why I always say you can have what you want you just have to properly diagnose yourself

Did you ever watch eat pray love?

How the healer meets her before divorce and after divorce and doesn't even recognize her? 

There are countless examples of this. 

Is not mystical, it’s actually very logical

I’m not saying don’t get filler, don’t try lasers,

I’m absolutely encouraging you to do that as well

but if you don’t address that energetic principle, you’re not getting the maximum results you could and you’re not looking as good and as amazing as you could

Why try to force your aesthetic to look a certain way with acne products, filler, botox, plastic surgery, if you're not fixing the root cause first. 

So if you want to learn more about playing with the energy and frequency of beauty relative to acne

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