The eyes go where energy flows, a case study.

Our topic of today...The eyes go where energy flows​
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For my girls struggling with confidence because of their skin or how they look​
The eyes go where energy flows​
You are only limited by your looks insofar as you assign that power to them​
Giving them power looks like: saying you cannot have what you want because of how you look​
There are barely any ultimate truths in this universe​
These ideas become true because you've decided they were true​
Your attention to these ideas bring them energy ​
And other peoples attention are then directed there as well​
Your interaction with other people is within your control​
Your experience is within your control​
When you decide some external factor that you cant presently control has power over you​
You put yourself in the energy of asking "please"​
Asking permission​
That is NOT the vibe​
The vibe is... I know my power​
And nothing will stop me​
My power is that attention goes where energy flows​
If the attention is on the fact that I think Im gorgeous and hot and I dont even notice my flaws, that is where attention flows​
Its not that people dont see your "flaws", its that you have given them no power​
So there will be no gravity around them​
People may notice but will be unfazed because you are unfazed​
They will not limit you because you've decided they mean nothing​
You've decided that your desires are the ultimate truth of this universe ​
Youve decided that you get to have what you want regardless of a temporary external situation that you dont like​
There are plenty of examples of this, ​
Tana Mongeau (youtube star) had this quote in her bio forever; ​
not bad for a 5 with no talent​
She knew her apparent limitations as an influencer (the fact she is average looking)​
But didn't give a fuck​
So no one else did either​
People fell in love with her​
They saw she was, yes, objectively- average looking.​
but they didn't care and found her adorable​
Imagine if she would have told the story of ... ​
because Im average looking there's no way I can be a famous influencer​
People will never want to listen to what I have to say because I am average looking and come from an average family ​
I am sure I will not be accepted into society on a large scale, garner large amounts of money, fame, friendships etc. ​
We would have never known her​
She could have very easily said; I dont fit the mold of what a famous influencer looks like​
And that would have been a typical human response​
But she didn't fall into line with the rest of society, she fell into line with what she knew was inside of her​
She put her currency behind her desires,​
And her attention behind the fact that she could get what she wanted despite how she looked​
Another example, Addison Rae (tiktok star)​
She exploded in 2020 and so did her skin​
Her skin is fucked completely broken out so bad​
But she is unfazed by it ​
She had every opportunity to sabotage her rise to the top because of her skin​
Youre accumulating millions of followers per week​
And out of nowhere your skin starts breaking out uncontrollably​
You could say...​
Theres no way people will accept me like this​
Theres no way i can be a superstar with this skin​
Once people find out I look like this they'll lose interest ​
I can't go to public appearances looking like this​
I cant partake in major advertising campaigns looking like this​
My makeup artists will see my skin and see the "real me"​
They will see that I'm a fraud​
They will see who I truly am and reject me.​
The universe must be against me if Im breaking out at this time in my life when I should be the happiest​
When ive garnered all the fame and fortune I was seeking​
And now these breakouts come from no where​
It would have been so easy for her to destroy herself​
She never assigned meaning around it​
It didn't touch her self worth​
Im sure it bothers her because breakouts are annoying ​
But she didn't tell stories about how it would limit her​
Therefore it doesn't limit her​
People barely care about it or notice it​
The best criminals steal things in plain site​
Because no one expects you do that ​
Meaning, own it, no one expects you to and they will love you for it. ​
You are the only one that chooses what you experience​
You are the only one that limits you​
>>If you examine deeper, what is the core belief this self destruction rests on?<<​
Dive deeper into the trigger​
Until you get to the bottom and find the core belief. ​
Once you become aware of the belief you can change it​
This is just an added bonus, you can just decide right now that your limitations are no longer your limitations​
End of story!​
So where are you blocking yourself? ​

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