The High Maintenance Codes

In order to change your life experience you have to change the way you think. 


Its literally the only thing that separates the average Joe from Beyonce for example

Its a big effing deal


How you think is your most important asset. It will dictate your life experience. It will be the ruler of your existence. It will create your damn reality. 

How we think is made up of a complex network of micro decisions (called programming) that serve to optimize our experience. 


It would take up too much bandwidth and time to have to go through life without a foundation of knowledge


But the issue is, we get stuck. 


We can become victims of our programming, which many women are 


We start to see through the lens of what do we want ONLY within the framework of what is "appropriate" to want. 


Then...we do this so long that we cant find our way out of this web,


We feel like we're "good people", who have followed the rules so why are we not living the way we want? (massive peasant thinking)


Our proof of this damaging thought & behavior though is the evidence of our lives. 


Feeling held back, stuck, like we have so much more to give & offer, so much more to experience.


Yet completely confused why we cant seem to get there


Especially when we see other women who have


Society teaches us that having needs that are for pleasure, are inconvenient and selfish


If we dont ask permission, we are arrogant or stuck up


If we take up space we are inconsiderate


Well guess what, fuck all that.


Its time more women start having audacious expectations of the world around them. Its time to expand our consciousness. 


Remember when JLO went viral because she only wanted white m&m's in her rider? Well good fucking job JLO. 


Remember when Kim Kardashian flipped out because she couldn't get a suite at the Setai? 


And all the comments are about how spoiled and out of touch she was.



Women are the creators!! It's women's responsibility to WANT.


Our desires evolve the world. 


Don't you want a suite at the Setai? (or fill in the blank with the thing that makes you happy)


Dont you trust yourself enough to know what you want is worth fighting for?


Or are you gaslit by a society that tells you your needs are not important?


Do you feel triggered at the idea of making a big deal of something seemingly innocuous?


Wouldn't you rather just swallow it down, settle for something else, to avoid causing drama?


What if you knew in your core of core's that you were currently living an existence that does not align with what you want, but you just smile and play along to avoid rocking the boat?


It's time to make things awkward baby!


What if you were brave enough to realize this is your only fucking life?


What if you were confident enough to ask for what you really effing want...


What if you realized, youre not selfish for having desires even if they seem inconvenient...


What if you realized that people are actually excited to meet your needs, and this whole charade about being spoiled, selfish, high maintenance, stuck up, demanding, gold digger, or whatever pejoratives women are assigned when they ask for more was all a lie

A lie to keep you in place


Which is exactly why the High Maintenance Codes came through me. 


This information is majorly needed in order to destroy this damaging social fabric that continues to waste our lives away


We call it "codes" because once you learn how someone thinks, you have the code. Its time to be more fucking high maintenance.


We need to know HOW To think in order to crack the code to the life we actually want


Were done living in "permission" vibes


Were done living within the framework of what society tell us is acceptable if it completely goes against what is true for us. 


For the women who've cracked the code, what are they doing? What are they thinking? How are they behaving? Why does the universe always seem to deliver them what they want? Why is it triggering to endeavor to meet our own desires?


The High Maintenance Codes is 4 week live course, starting 10/12. Discounted at 50% for the launch.  


You wont want to miss this uplevel. 


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