The most effective manifestation technique

Let's about manifestation. 

We are all manifesting at all times whether we know it or not.

So its better to know it and do it consciously

Because we all like to have control dont we?

Think about something you want. 

Something you have been working towards for a while

Now, what if you just decided it was yours? What would you do then? 

This is the process...

You decide what you want, and theres no yucky energy around it, you experience a paradigm shift, follow inspired guidance....

and then its only a matter of time before it shows up

When i say there is no yucky energy,

I mean there is no doubt, fear, scarcity in your mind or body

Its just a clear cut black and white... its happening. its already said and done. 

Anytime the thought enters your mind that you dont have the thing, you quickly remind yourself...

Yeah i've already decided its happening. Emotionless. 

You are not desperately grasping at shit hoping that something works out

You are not triggered by the idea of not having it, not getting it even though you want it, 

You are not doing shit you dont want to do,

Shit that doesnt feel right, healthy, or happy

Basically hoeing yourself out

Just for the sake of hopefully getting the thing you want


The future you would never do that

The future you would never think of investing time into something that may or may not have a payout

Shes not desperate

She easily gets what she wants

Think of something that you CANNOT imagine not having

>This is an energetic set point<

This is the energy that needs to be transferred into the current thing that you want

An energy of DUH of course I have this thing

Duh of course energy is what brings your desire to you quickest

Duh of course energy is like a vacuum

It creates so much space that must be filled

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