The new year is here. 

New year, new goals, new visions. but mainly new paradigm. 

Ive been going through it. IT meaning like the necessary transformation that is required in order to level up your life. 

This year started out with somewhat demanding a transformation. Meaning i just drew a line in the sand and said okay now things shift. 

For the last year ish or so I have been forcinggggggggg forcing business and life. I have been extremely attached to Amazon. clutching for dear life. 

Amazon helped me a lot at the beginning of my journey.

Amazon was how i decided to launch my business back in December of 2019.

I had wanted to start a skincare business for several years at that point. But I couldn't figure out how to bring it to fruition.

I became aware of Amazon FBA back in March of 2017.

I couldnt figure out how to use it though, and I couldn't afford to invest in a mentor at that point. 

So several years passed, eventually the stars aligned.

The winter solstice of 2019, i had money saved, i had all my eggs in my entrepreneur basket, and i drew a line in the sand.

i said fuck this i need to manifest something now. The waiting is done 

You know, when you are a brand new entrepreneur, the first step is the hardest. the first step, bringing something to the market in any way shape or form, is the hardest. 

A lot of people dont make it!

Okay so i prioritized that. I needed to see it, I needed structure, I needed minimal risk, I needed facts.

I needed it so i would believe in myself and I needed it for momentum.

And it worked!!!!

It worked. 

Like completely utterly amazingly worked. 

I launched my first product, the Collagen Peptide Complex Serum in April 2020. Amidst the world falling apart.

I zero percent expected my audience to care about my product- can you believe that?!

I fully remember when i posted about my product for the first time on IG.

I just had received a few in the mail (the rest went to amazon), and I did a story about it and you guys freaked out!

and it kept selling out and selling out and selling out and you guys loved the product and i was beside myself!

I had a very small audience at the time, 2000 ish on my Bauer Beauty IG page. I never expected to be able to sell my products through social media. 

Which is why i was obsessed with Amazon

So fast-forward, June 2020 I could not get approved to sell in the topicals category on Amazon. 

My peptide serum was already up and selling, but they froze my access to it, i couldn't get my money, i couldn't launch my new Niacinamide serum. 

So I said fuck it i need to launch a website to sell my products.

Which means i need to figure out how to promote my website once it launched in October 2020.

SO i got super into promoting my website. I started a tik tok which ultimately drove the most traffic not only to my website but also to amazon somehow. 

It was the funnest, flowiest work. 

My amazon sales skyrocketed. I never had the link in my bio so those two things were correlated logically. but when you're in flow, your success is astronomical and magical. 

Then everything else fell in line as well, my paychecks from amazon started coming through, i got approved to sell in topicals and was able to list the niacinamide.

This is an energy game

My energy was aligned and my sales followed

Im really retracing my steps here because Ive been in major reflection mode. 

Ive been so confused

how did i get out of alignment?

why are things so difficult? 

why is every task like pulling teeth?

well ive clicked into alignment and now its more obvious. 

Amazon is a disaster fire if you are a creative person. its very technical and requires a lot of meticulous, crazy, work.

Of course though, anything that is meant for you should effortlessly unfold.

So for others, their experience may differ.

Amazon is someones passion, just not mine lmao. 

Because whats even more of a disaster fire, is doing things you think you "should" be doing. 

Bulldozing yourself uphill, ignoring your instincts and emotions.

When i was blocked from selling on amazon and forced to sell on my website, I exploded. not only financially but emotionally. I was sooooo excited, it was so fun and flowy. 

It was a downstream event. 

The entire time im worked with amazon has been an upstream event. 

I think my plans for amazon include doing the bare minimum because that is whats true to my soul.

I'll keep my products on amazon but its no longer any part of my strategy. 

My only strategy is to be in alignment with soul and the rest will follow.


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