The Waiting Game + My New Retinol + Ceramide Cream

The collective has a yearning for growth
Hating the monotony of this purgatory
Its a purgatory of waiting
There is a waiting game in life
You plant your seeds and then you have to wait for them to grow
This is the "winter" phase of growth. 
Its fucking annoying actually and i have yet to find a way to speed it up 
I know in theory, leaning into this feeling of no visible growth helps to speed it up
But practically, leaning into it still doesnt make it come as fast as you want it to come
Because when you decide you want something, its because your needs have expanded
Your needs have expanded
You have new needs and desires that are not being met
New desires grow out of needs that develop within you
And then you have to figure out how to meet those needs
Which usually requires more time, money, people, resources
So you have to figure out how to generate those things
It requires multiple things simultaneously 
It requires creativity, patience, persistence, surrender.
Basically anyone can dream up a creative way to solve a problem
The more difficult part is the actual implementation of said idea
Once implemented, the idea must actually work
You likely need to troubleshoot the implementation
Maybe multiple times until you find something that works
Which brings me to my point.... 
The purgatory of waiting. 
The winter phase of growth
Things are going on beneath the surface that we haven't realized in our reality yet
So basically my moral of the story is... 
It just is what it is
Its like my email the other day, go up when the waves are up, go down when the waves are down
Going with the flow, leaning into these moments, keeping the faith
Keeping the faith is important
Its hard to have blind faith, thats another story
Blind faith is required tho in order to intentionally manifest and create things out of thin air
One of my mentors says.. its not even faith until it looks like its not going to happen
Recognizing patterns is a good way to reinforce faith
Since all of creation is a cycle, you can notice the different stages in the cycle
And then.. you know what comes next
OK time for me to tell you about my NEW retinol cream.
This cream is officially launched on my website this week. 
Its a Retinol + Ceramide cream
It also has a bunch of amazing healing ingredients that will RESTORE your skin...
Counterbalancing any irritating effects from retinol
But its also justttt strong enough
I mentioned this in my IG stories today
But i've been using prescription strength retinoids for nearly a decade and I still experience a reaction when I apply this cream
I love love love it.
I love everything about it so much that I didnt even care the market viability said this category was "too competitive" 
With all of my products (except the barrier serum) I decided to sell them based on market viability,

Aka high demand, moderate competition. 
Its good, its unique, its concise, not trendy, logical, cute, effective, and fun to use. 
All the necessary things. 
K lovers, if you haven't picked one up yet, read about it here 

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