This journey with skin is multidimensional

If you've read my emails,

You know today is the last day to enroll in my Acne Makeover Course.

Now, if you dont have acne,

At first glance you may think you are not a candidate for this material.

But this work is so much more than skin deep. 

My entire message is that beauty is just about everything except for your physical appearance.

Let me tell you a story...

I first got interested in skin when it dawned on me that good skin was the key to looking great. 

Not just in the present moment, but long term.

Good skin to me equaled longevity, sustainability

I was always into makeup but when I had breakouts in my mid twenties, 

I realized makeup NEVER looked good when my skin was bumpy  

My acne severely triggered me.

I realized that my acne must have came from somewhere

It made NO logical sense to me that these breakouts just appeared with no explanation.

I never had breakouts growing up. 

I would get one pimple here and there, never ever more than 1 at a time.

But by the time I was 26 it was sooo bad! 

I remember having 17 at one time

Yes I literally counted because I was astounded. 

I just kept searching and searching for the answer

I tried everything. 

I could have never known what the answer was at the time

It actually took me years of reflection to even explain what happened.

If your skin bothers you (not just acne...any part of your skin),

You have examine the other ares of your life that bother you

They are connected.

When I was pursuing an answer for my skin, I was also diving super deep into my own spirituality

I knew there was more information available and I wanted to know that information

I knew that there was this thing called instinct,

I knew of the subconscious mind

and I wanted to know what was in there!!!

It was what drew me into psychedelics, alternative medicine, psychological exploration, 

I NEVER expected that my spiritual wellness and my skin were connected

My friend in LA referred me to this shaman. 

I didnt know what a shaman was,

She basically just told me he played his sound bowls and gave you weed and it was a chill fun experience.


I had a major meltdown lmfao

The biggest meltdown ever actually 

A meltdown in the greatest way though

Have you ever had an experience that was terrifying but afterwards you felt so calm?

When you're forced to face your most enormous internal fears,

You are not so scared of the outside world anymore

That day, it was 2/1/2014...crazy like its nearly down to the day!

That day, I decided it was gone

My acne was gone

Something flipped in my head.

Because I fucking thought I was going to die, so nothing was scary anymore

(btw with many psychedelic experiences you do think you are going to die because that is one of our biggest fears)

My skin did not scare me, I just said "no, its gone"

And anytime the thought entered my head i just said, "nope its gone" 


Like my energy was entirely completely shifted

Before this experience, I would catastrophize my skin

I would feel myself getting a pimple and be so triggered

But not after that experience. 

I just decided it was over.

I didn't know thats what I did- I couldn't name it- but thats what i did. 

I would always reflect on that experience and be like...

Now how the hell do i translate this wild strange experience for people to use? impossible!

I've always explained it like...

As humans we accumulate fear

We need to clear the fear, 

There are many ways to do that, 

But that was not a good enough answer for me. 

It didn't feel right because it doesn't apply to everyone.

I couldn't comfortably tell people to just... "Go see a shaman it will clear your acne".

Because that is not the case!!

And until like a week ago i could NOT FREAKING explain it!

But now I get it

I made a major decision at the beginning of this year,

I just DECIDED something was going to happen,

And then i realized when I changed my life before, I just DECIDED to change it,

And then the dots started connecting

When i cleared my skin, it was a switch, I just decided it was gone. 

I literally left that shamans room saying... its gone

This journey with skin is multidimensional

My message is... you are in control.

Not just with skin, but with your life.

So is acne makeover for you? Maybe, maybe not?

Only you can know

But what I can promise you is, if you have acne, there's no doubt you should get it 

Especially at this cost, $111.

Kind of insane

After that it will most definitely without a doubt increase in price

It was my first digital course so I wanted to charge something reasonable

If you dont have acne, maybe you want to wait until my other skin/beauty courses are released

Or maybe youre curious about this material,

And, if you are drawn in any way...

I highly suggest you take the call

Im excited to see you in there!

And I'm excited for all the things that are in store for Bauer Beauty

And I'm excited you're on this journey with me.

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