What are the new standards you live by?

Whats on my mind and heart to talk about today is how to hold yourself to a new standard and what that looks like. 

Your daily habits and standards define who you are. 
Are you someone who eats supportive to your body, or not?
Are you someone that works out, or not?
A few years ago I didn't have a standard of posting on youtube, now i cannot imagine myself not posting on youtube.
There was a time where I loved cheese, now I dont eat dairy.
Do you see what I mean? 

There is a line in the sand between the person you are now, and who you choose to be now
And that line is a small change that will dramatically affect the course of your life
And it all comes down to standards
What STANDARD do you need to hold yourself to now? 
Once you start living up to your standards, you'll enter the purgatory of transformation
This is the time period between your shifting into a new identity and the outside world actually reflecting that.
Its the time period where its easy to fail because it requires faith
This will expose any limiting beliefs, doubts, fears and thus affects your emotions and behavior
But since we entered into a new challenge last week, we gave up the fear based thinking that keeps us trapped in purgatory
We decided it would be easy to commit to a 2 month period where you show up as that ideal self without the fear, questioning, or desire for instant gratification
Now, you show up as that person simply because that is who you are and you know it will pay off 
There's never going to be a right time
Its never going to feel natural and easy
Its a conscious decision to do the thing you know you "should" be doing, understanding it will be hard at first, it will feel uphill at first, it will be a struggle
And knowing that this is the only path to actually get you out of your current reality and into the next
Its the bridge, its the path everyone must take, and its time to take the call now!

You've been thinking about this long enough, putting it off, and time flies by
So sit down and decide what are the things you do now?

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