What I recommend for acne instead of salicylic acid

Since I've posted several videos on salicylic acid recently,

One of the number one questions ive been getting is..

if I dont recommend salicylic acid for acne, what do i recommend?

The answer is, a sensitive skincare routine. 

Products designed for sensitive skin. 

I recommend using basically as few products as possible on acneic skin.

Because i dont believe acne can be cured using external means

I believe treating acne from the outside usually makes things worse

I believe simplifying your routine is the way to begin to heal your acne

Stop all of your products and use only a double cleanse, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen. 

You can get a benzoyl peroxide (cystic) or salicylic acid (whiteheads) spot treatment around

But dont use it obsessively

Because the whole point is...

Treating chronic breakouts through products is futile

The goal is to get rid of it at the root

What is the root cause of your acne? 

This is the question you should be asking

Once you simplify your routine and heal your skin barrier, 

Your skin will instantly improve

Then you can begin to dig deeper

It’s a bit of a trial and error

Experimenting with what your drawn to

Following creative inspiration

Watching the incremental improvements

Eventually eradicating it completely

Wouldn’t you rather do that than micromanage the surface level symptoms?

When you get rid of it at the root, you can live your life more freely

Rather than constantly worrying whether you’ll get a breakout or not

To me it seems like the only logical answer

What happens when you try to use external products to treat your skin?

You do the most

You use too many products, too harsh of products

You become very neurotic trying to always fight with your skin

Youre reacting to whats happening, versus taking control

Yes, its a mindset thing

I fundamentally believe acne comes from somewhere

From genetics, diet, or energy

Isolate the problem by repairing the barrier,

and then zero in on the real problem

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  • Kapua

    Really enjoyed this thank you! I think my problem is my relationship with food, really 🥺 I’ll forget to be mindful not to go overboard with dairy / sugar so much and just indulge!! Definitely need to try out more effort into that

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