What Is A Barrier Serum

Having a healthy skin barrier is important for healthy skin. The skin barrier regulates the ecosystem of the skin. It traps in water, it prevents bacteria from entering. It prevents premature aging, inflammation, and acne. It's required for those who want to pursue chemical peels, laser treatments, or any advanced anti aging procedure. 

If you attempted a chemical peel with a weak skin barrier, you would experience severe adverse effects such as prolonged dryness and breakouts. If you use products that strip the skin barrier, you will experience redness, dryness, flakiness, acne, bumps, and other types of inflammation on the skin. As someone who experienced acne due to a damaged skin barrier for several years I became very aware of how impactful a healthy skin barrier can be. 

A barrier serum is dedicated to the task of repairing the skin. It contains ingredients specifically good for repairing the skin barrier.  A barrier serum contains the key nutrients that your skin barrier needs such as lipids, ceramides, fatty acids, dimethicone, and other healing ingredients. that will help to repair the skin barrier, otherwise known as the moisture barrier.

barrier serum can help significantly strengthen the skin barrier to prep for in-office procedures or to counteract the effects of your retinol, glycolic acid, or any other potentially irritating actives you have in your routine.

The Bauer Beauty Barrier Serum is the ideal product to heal the skin barrier. Formulated with various types of silicone, ceramides, squalane, and a hydrator, it's truly one of a kind. If you have a damaged skin barrier and begin to use the Bauer Beauty Barrier Serum, you will see a difference within days. 

The way to use a barrier serum is on a regular basis, before moisturizer, morning and/or evening. Increase frequency at the times when your skin is feeling more dry, irritated, or if you are prepping for a chemical peel or laser treatment. 

I recommend using the Bauer Beauty Barrier Serum daily in the morning after vitamin c and before sunscreen. If used at night, I prefer layering this barrier serum over my moisturizer as its quite a rich formula, think oil serum but matte. 

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