What Is A Water Cream??

Im so excited the Bauer Beauty Collagen Peptide Water Cream Is finally here!

I've gotten a lot of questions from you guys about this cream!! I'm going to send out a series of emails answering a few of them.

First question:

Q: What is a water cream? 

A water cream is kind of like a cross between a gel and a medium rich moisturizer. It has a high water and humectant content and lower oil content. It's usually really bouncy feeling and slightly translucent. 

They normally absorb easily and dont leave much of a residue. Water creams will basically give a big drink of water to the skin.

Your skin basically cannot have enough water because it is slowly lost over time and most humans are at least slightly dehydrated. And lack of water is the source of so many skin issues. 

So its always beneficial to have one. 

The Bauer Beauty Collagen Peptide Water Cream is unique because it actually has a higher emollient content than most water cream's I've tried. 

Emollients are what make a formula feel "rich". That is why this one can be used day or night. It's the best of both worlds. 

The Bauer Beauty Water Cream also contains more interesting ingredients in my humble biased opinion. 

MSM is one of my new favorites. Basically because of the research behind it and how well it performs, plus what a high concentration is in here. 

Watch my full in depth youtube video here!

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