What I've learned from clearing my own skin and coaching hundreds of you!

One thing Im teaching right now in Clear Skin Blueprint is, not assigning labels to breakouts.​
We are not saying we cant achieve something because of our skin.​
That is part of the reason why we suffer,​
Because we feel like we cannot do, be, or have what we want because we have breakouts.​
We look at our skin as the tangible proof that we are not good enough.​
We decide what we are capable of based on how we look.​
This exists by the way in every facet of life, its not unique to acne​
People come up with all types of reasons as to why they are "limited".​
Where they live, how they look, what their parents did, what color their skin is, their grades, etc.​
None of these ideas are true.​
Assigning meaning to your breakouts is just a limiting belief.​
Is it true that some people judge you for your skin? yes.​
Is it true that will ultimately limit you from getting what you want?​
Only if you believe it will.​
People will judge you when you have perfect skin too.​
People will be triggered by your audacity​
The audacity to feel hot and go after what you want despite the condition of your skin​
They don’t feel as bold, theyre still asking permission​
Not you!​
Obviously we want clear skin so we can feel our hottest and healthiest,​
So we can feel fully integrated, happy, whole, peaceful​
On the inside and outside​
But who says we cant channel those energies even before manifesting clear skin?​
You can desire to be wealthy, believe you will eventually be wealthy, and simultaneously not be wealthy.​
Same thing with skin.​
You can desire to have perfect skin,​
And your current experience may be with imperfect skin.​
Once you realize your emotions exist parallel to your acne and not because of it, your world will change.​
Your current experience doesn't have to be your ultimate experience.​
Your ultimate experience gets to be really whatever the fuck you want it to be.​
That is your boundary. ​
Hold the vision, trust the process, be patient, and you will get the results you're looking for. ​
There's going to be a time period where you will be dealing with external circumstances that do not meet your boundaries,​
aka you're still breaking out.​
There's no need to worry about it.​
You really should feel stoic in your pursuit.​
If you are feeling triggered, its time to go inside.​
Its time to get to know this fear and alchemize it.​
This is what we are discussing in Module 5 at the moment. ​
Yes you need to do the work,​
You need to hold yourself to the highest standard, externally and internally.​
But you should not be worried,​
Otherwise this is exposing a piece of yourself that needs deeper attention.​
The breakouts are just shining light on the feeling that would otherwise be suppressed.​
This allows you to realize them and alchemize them.​
They existed before the breakouts​
This is the only way to deal with any problem.​
You assume the outcome because that is your boundary.​
Your boundary is drawn and therefore the universe must deliver to you because we are in a co creative process with the universe.​
In the interim you are living as if that outcome is guaranteed and therefore the "problem" of acne is neutral.​
Attachment will be the greatest hurdle and an invitation to go deeper.​
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