When you say yes to soul, soul says yes to you

I recently made a veeeery risky business decision.

I invested a lot a lot a lot of money into something that seemed completely irrational, irresponsible and unnecessary 
Something that from the outside, 99% of people would say i was fucking crazy
Something that was calling me for a while, 
Something where i tried desperately to find another path
A more logical path
A more seemingly "acceptable" path.
A more conservative path
But after watching these thoughts for a while, I realized I had been here before. 
I saw a pattern, 
I realized I had felt this feeling and I've seen this scenario play out 

I knew this was something I should do
I knew i would run in circles until I invested in this
Or until this dream died.
I knew this would significantly serve me
But Jenny did not fucking want to
Jenny in her human form and brain did NOT want to do this
Jenny was terrified, she was freaking the fuck out and completely against this decision.  

But God was chill and comfortable.
God didn't give a fuck about the basic bitch fears Jenny had
God had a way stronger vision and understanding of why this was necessary
So I submitted and outsourced my decision to God.
I started saying.... okay Jenny isn't doing this, God is. 
Anytime I would doubt myself or get scared, I'd tell myself...
God is buying this thing, Jenny isn't, 
Jenny doesn't want to, God does.

If God thinks its the right thing who the fuck am I to interrupt this flow?
It was a huge sense of relief. 
It resonated and I started to see things differently. 
I saw that the reality was, my spirit DID need this thing 
My spirit was at peace.
With my fear out of the way, the risk-reward model became clear to me
If this thing was to be what i thought it was,
it would accelerate my life in ways that were so exponential 
that I would be a dumb ass to NOT put the money on the line 

I reconciled it was worth losing the money
From recognizing the parallel situations in my life,
I saw my cheap ass spending years trying to solve this problem on my own, way less efficiently, if ever.
And on and on I started to see more of how this was the most logical decision actually if fear was removed. 
Now, a few weeks into this, I can tell you this decision has transformed my life. 
It was a home run decision
Ball out of the fucking park game changing decision
Why are the best decisions in my life the least socially acceptable ones?????
The instinct to "hold the line" can be a strength or a weakness. 
There are times to hold the line...
Sometimes you need to stack your chips and have the discipline to wait for the right move
But other times, deliberation distorts itself into indecision
which leads to headache, stress, misalignment, confusion, failure, and a mad waste of time
which is significantly worse than lost money.  
My mentor says... when you say yes to soul, soul says yes to you. 
Well apparently thats what the fuck I did
Now I must duplicate this process until infinity.  
You've had this feeling, a 'soul calling'.
It feels kind of like a fantasy or a day dream that keeps popping up
It feels like something you want
but you tell yourself you cant have it. 
Something you say you want to do in theory, eventually, etc
But something that you couldn't wrap your head around doing in the moment. 
You keep saying yes, eventually we are doing this. 
I just dont know when
It makes no logical sense right now
From an outside perspective it looks insane
But it excites you so much to think about it
Its a soul calling.
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