Winning Is A Science

Have you struggled with creating something? 

Maybe youve tried.
Maybe you have had business ideas, visions, dreams, but nothing that stuck
You think when you find the thing, you will just KNOW.

It will feel different, look different,
But you still cant figure out why nothing has worked out
The answer is... the only way to bring something to fruition is to commit to bringing that one thing to fruition.
Have a target and commit. 
Its the most vital step at the beginning. 
-There are about 1 billion important steps after that-
But without commitment you wont even make it to the stage let alone perform. 
Its hard because there are so many choices. 
People get lost in the options. 
You have to lock your vision with blinders on the outcome you want- 
Become singularly focused on what you are manifesting
If you don't, you'll be tempted to change course, which is a naive and emotional response
Because the path is the same no matter what. 
You start,
You're excited and inspired

You do some research and put some pieces together, start some projects
Time passes, the motivation and excitement you had at the beginning wanes 
At the same time, the learning curve starts to trend way upwards, you have no idea how to do the shit that needs to be done
Shit gets way hard, 
Way beyond your skill set, 
Way beyond what comes naturally to you, 
You have to force yourself to do things you are not good at, 

Things you actually hate, 

Confusing things that take a lot of focus and fortitude,

And presumably, you're a visionary...excruciating detail is NOT your strong suit.  
And basically everything you're doing is something that requires a painful level of detail 
You have no money to outsource,
And even if you have money, you cant find someone to actually do the job as well as you need them to 

Meanwhile there is ZERO instant gratification
Nada, nothing, no one gives a fuck what youre doing
Zero people give a fuck about you, your product, your idea.
God forbid you actually tell your friends and family what you are doing- the moment you do this youre already dead
-We always move in silence at the beginning-
People will get in your head,
Life happens, you're working another job, so you do all of this on your free time
All your money is going into this
If you didnt COMMIT to your particular outcome before you went into this, you would go in thinking-
wow i finally found the THING that will be my thing. This thing will be different than the other things I have tried its going to be so fun exciting and romantic this will be the thing that will save me.
When your inspo wanes, you will inevitably think- this must not be my thing 
You will fail when the excitement wanes. 
Or maybe when you have to do complicated things that you hate
Or maybe when you start posting on IG and no one gives a shit about you.
You are not special.
And you are special at the same time. 

We are all special, we all have something to give- thats the thing. Its not JUST you.
That is amazing news btw
Its not luck
Its the path everyone must take
Its called the barrier to entry 
Its what makes winning a science
Its not luck.
Its not *fill in bull shit excuse*
Everyone has their own set of advantages and disadvantages
So dont look at someone else and tell yourself they have XYZ because of this perceived advantage

You can have what the fuck YOU want. Forget what they have. Do you want what they have?

Thats a sign that its for you then.
The strategy is to commit to your outcome unequivocally.
Decide you'll work towards this goal for 2 years, day by day, little by little, expecting zero results during this time. 
KNOWING it will be horrible, painful, awful, boring, complicated, anti climactic, lonely, 
And knowing that any end goal you choose will have the same path
And if you keep going its only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

And everytime you want to give up, think about the fact that statistically your competition is getting slimmer because they are giving up at this moment too and that reminds you to stay the course because youre the one that is going to make it. 
This is called grit.
Grit, the ability to stay the course no matter how fucking painful it is. 
HOW you choose something is for another convo, but basically combine emotion with logic. 

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