You are allowed to decide you’re in control of your acne

You are allowed to decide you’re in control of your acne.

You can control your breakouts.

That will piss some people off but let me explain...

There are many sources of your acne.

One source, is dwelling.

Dwelling is a spiritual occurrence.

Dwelling on your acne, do you know what I mean by that?

You are fixated in it, it controls you, it's your main point of focus.

You can’t think of anything else, 

You're obsessed with clearing it and getting rid of it and controlling it.

This, like anything else in life, is simply... attachment. 

If you were trying to manifest money this way, it wouldn't work.

If you were trying to manifest a man this way, it wouldn't work.

Your attachment is your main issue.

You have control over your attachment; therefore, you have control of this acne source.

That is the spiritual source, so now what about the other sources?

Inside and outside your physical body?

Inside... control your diet 

Outside... control your skincare

(You can find resources on what I recommend for these two but I'm not going into it in this post)

Now you're done.

It’s my core belief that disease has a source

There are SOME outstanding cases, but that is not the rule, that is the exception

If you planted a garden and all the plants started to look unhealthy,

Would you think.... that's normal that just happens with plants!

OR would you say... hmmm wtf am i doing wrong here?

Now... if you planted a garden, and they all look healthy except for one then you could say well it's normal for one out of many to just not make it. 

We already know how your DNA expresses is malleable so it's impossible that is not something you can't affect change on.

Its just impossible

But listen..let's play devil's advocate. You believe acne is out of your control

Okay, well does your acne cause you stress and prevent you from living to the fullest?

If so... do you believe that you could be psychologically happy, physically healthy, confident and at peace even WITH acne? 

Then work towards that. 

Because that IS detachment. And no matter if you believe it will cure your acne or not, it's the best state for you to be in in order to live with or without your acne

And it's possible!!

Beauty, health and confidence is not strictly physical 

In fact, preferably, it's not strictly physical. because that is fleeting and fragile...

So, to conclude... you have control, you are in control, that doesn't mean you just think good thoughts and BAM- clear skin. 

It means you have to work towards getting to the right spiritual place while holding the correct physical routines, and wait for the shift.

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