You want it? You can get it. Just accept your magic.

I created CSB as a solution for the ones who felt lost.

Who wanted to achieve clear skin by addressing the root cause. 

Who have struggled curing their breakouts for years

Who have tried everything to no avail.

Who were at their last ditch effort

The ones who were consumed with finding answers that no one could give them

The ones who have been given the runaround by everyone they’ve sought help from

And I created CSB for me.

I created it because I had to.

I didn’t have an option.

Its not something I wanted.

Its something that was forced out of me

That’s been dying to come out for years

I really didn’t want to create a program that was abstract

I would rather create something people already understand

I mean look at my skincare products…

I found SKU’s that were selling well and I improved the available formulas

Made them work specifically well for sensitive, acne prone skin

This is smart from a business and marketing perspective

Inventing something is a major risk

But if you wholeheartedly believe in it,

You have to keep telling people until they hear you

Look at Sarah Blakely, she invented Spanx

For the first couple years of her business, she flew to every Niemen’s where Spanx was

She sat at the displays and would explain to everyone how and why to use Spanx

Once women got it, they got it

I value doing things to make money,

But first and foremost I’m a teacher and a healer

And I cant poll the population to find out what they want to learn,

I know what needs to be taught

I know where the industry is going

And its my job to say it until it resonates

Henry Ford once said…

If he had polled the population they would have told him they wanted a faster horse

He created the car

This is back to what I have spoken about in the past

Reading collective energy.

Actually if you’re interested in this topic,

This recording is one of my favorites I’ve ever done

Recorded on the back of my Manifest Your Dream Biz workshop while I was in Tulum

I broke down how to read collective energy in your own life

So why are people drawn to CSB?

Because I give people solutions to problems the thought were hopeless

Because I explain things logically

Because I tell people they have control when they felt powerless

The principles I teach in CSB are pretty standard metaphysical practice actually 

Classic principles of manifestation, just applied to the skin

A feature of the CSB I just added, you get full private client Voxer access to me

That means through the duration of the course you can voice memo and text me directly. (I charge $2k per month for this). 

I cant wait to take you through this process!

Read all about it here

Enrollment closes Friday 4/1 at midnight. Don’t wait!

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