You're in control of how hot you are.

Yesterday I got the worst hair cut of all time. 

This girl literally cut layers against my will
Not just long layers...SHORT fucking layers
You should never do short layers in short hair unless you want to look like Carol Brady
Im not happy!!
But the reality is, theres nothing i can do about it right? 
So i obviously had a panic attack this morning
And then I decided I had to reframe my thoughts
I know everything is energy
I know everything depends on vibes
So what if i just changed my words, 
What if i just started saying 
I love my hair i love my hair i love my hair
My hair is so hot my hair is so hot
I know im meant to be hot as fuck so god must have known that this haircut would make me even hotter
I know this haircut must be in my best interest
And then...
My vibe changed
My eyes opened to new possibilities
I flipped my hair all to one side as pictured above
And Im not going to say I am obsessed with it

But i can confirm my vibe changed
I suddenly felt hotter
And my hair may not be a catastrophe
Maybe its tolerable...
Maybe it'll grow on me
Maybe it will elevate my vibe
So yes I feel better
And this is how energy works
Hotness and beauty are not just about external appearance
You can use all the external products and services you can find
But if you dont have the energy to match youll be heavily lacking in magnetism
You can be objectively hot, but lack charisma
You can use the best skincare products, but still not feel or look your prettiest
I made a video about this on my Youtube channel almost 2 years ago now
And since then, I've been studying this phenomenon
The phenomenon of.... feeling hot
Because in that glow up video like I explained,
I really hadnt done much to my external appearance
And even just the tweaks i did did not explain the drastic difference
In one photo I had my shit together, the other photo I was lost as fuck
It was a vibe
And since thing Ive observed the vibe come and go
I have educational materials coming soon on this 
That will lead you through the process of identifying the blockages in your life diminishing your magnetism
It will be life changing, it will be mandatory
Because living your best life is mandatory
Okay for now though.... Guess what....
My 2% BHA is amazing like I said yesterday in my email.
You must try it asap.
Its available in this bundle now
And Im so excited about it that I finally am going to launch it on my website as an individual product
Probably Friday? I'll keep you posted

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