You're not aiming high enough

Today we’re talking about the fact that you are not aiming high enough babe. 

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Youre aiming for mediocre and you wonder why your results are mediocre

Youre aiming for your comfort zone, you want to stay safe

When you do manifest, you are not even happy with your manifestation 

Because its lame.

This is a dead giveaway that you are aiming to low. 

Do you want to uplevel your life or not? 

If you want to uplevel your life,

Then you’re going to have to be able to tolerate taking the risk to put your soul on the line 

Youll have to take the risk to go for what you really want, 

To decide to get what you really want. 

You have a ton of reasons why you cannot have this thing

They may be great reasons, logical reasons

But it doesn’t fucking matter 

They are still the manifestation of fear

We live in a universe where things seem linear

But haven't you ever witnessed quantum leaping?

When several "levels" are skipped

Rules and records are broken

Even the most impossible thing could be possible for you

When i launched my company back in 2020, it seemed like social media was a great way to scale

I decided to get 100k followers on tiktok in one month and I actually got over triple that

When I set new income goals, I dont do it within what society says is normal

I make it audacious. 

The audacity to ask for 100k in a month when I'm only making 20k.

That is not how life works, you have to take baby steps like everyone else

FUCK that, love.

You should be a little more audacious with what you’re asking for. 

If you’re triggered by other people succeeding, having, or doing

You’re not asking for enough

You're playing it safe

You have put yourself within this box

A box where you play by the rules, regulations and norms

And then you’re mad at the ones that dont play by the same rules

Your aim is off

Instead, aim for slightly outside your comfort zone

Being outside your comfort zone is positive

It forces you to sink or swim

You have to go to new places in your brain

Leap and the net will appear... thats the vibe

All the times ive experienced tremendous uplevel, the leap came before the net

Sometimes its not exactly a leap, its a push

Someone pushed you off the ledge, but then you see a net appears

We want things to be perfectly aligned so we’re comfortable taking risks 

But that’s like complete opposite of a risk then.  

A risk is something that you want to do that you’re afraid that you can’t do 

Or something you want but you’re afraid is wont work out, or that it doesnt make sense so its impossible

The ultimate risk is putting your heart and soul on the line and failing.

Because that would mean you have no back up option.

When you decide to get what you want, that arises fear.

You are risking much more than mediocrity at this point, youre risking hope

The hope you hold onto of "someday"

You are commanding "someday" to come into the present and what if it doesn't measure up?

What if it lets you down and now your hopes are dead

Your soul was on the chopping block and you failed

Okay these are all valid human fears, but they are also irrational

The right risk is worth it. 

The right risk feels like your next level

It feels on the edge of omg can i really do this?...

>>Its outside the realm of what i think is a logical choice but its what im so excited about and makes me feel proud of who i am and what i've accomplished and i want it so bad that im so motivated to work for it.<<

Thats the vibe.

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