You're Not Aiming High Enough...


Where do you need to aim higher? 

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a life that doesn't belong to you?

An acute awareness that you are living in a reality that doesn’t match up with your potential or your desires, so something must be wrong.

This leaves you wondering… why?

Why don’t I feel like I’m reaching my potential, why don’t I enjoy my experience as much as I think I should?

Let me tell you a story…

Back in 2010, I lived in downtown Chicago. 

I traveled weekly for the job I had. I lived in an apartment with no elevator. 

I vividly remember struggling to drag my suitcases down three flights of stairs. 

This is what I refer to as “schlepping”. 

Schlepping around as a woman is basically doing things out of your nature by the use of exertion because you feel obligated

(This doesn't have to be physical exertion)

Its the most unfortunate energy a woman can put herself in, she's forgotten her power

It’s not natural for me to carry a 50 pound suitcase 3 flights of stairs

It’s abhorrent actually 

I also refused to taxi anywhere so I took public transit

Even in the worst weather I’d schlep my way to the bus with my bags. Transfer from the bus to the train, train to the airport


Okay so one could say I was “fiscally responsible” which is what I thought I was being 

But when I reflect on it I see something else 

I see someone who doesn’t understand her worth.

I see someone who feels they have to compromise their boundaries for scraps.

I see someone who was begging for crumbs.

Why else would you swing the pendulum so far from what your desires and potential indicate 

Where are you "schlepping around"?

I always reflect on this time period of my life and try to draw parallels to present day, 

I constantly check myself... where- if anywhere- am I "schlepping around"

We aim so much lower than we are capable of because we are plagued by fear 

We aim for safe 

When we aim for safe, we are not happy, we are miserable. We are miserable but safe. 

When we aim for safe, we are confused why we don’t enjoy our experience even when we get what we want

When we aim for safe, we feel a constant undercurrent of unpleasantness 

I created a video on the topic of aiming higher, you can view it here

That’s why I called my blog ‘think and grow hot’.

Hot ultimately means personal power. 

How do you get power? By conquering the things you are afraid of. 

Despite being physically the same human my whole life there are times where I’m hot and other times when I’m not

And those times that I’m not are the times I’m living in fear 

Overcoming the fear and reclaiming the power is how u regain your “hotness” 

It's how you ultimately align with your actual potential 

It's where you click into the reality that feels right

Now, I look at all opportunities that are the scariest, most illogical, most impossibly out of character, socially “unacceptable” as the gateway

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