Acne Makeover Class

LOVERS. I have questions...

✨Are you sick of your breakouts?
✨Are you sick of micromanaging your diet, skincare routine, and your entire life? 
✨Do you have acne you can't seem to keep under control? 
✨Have you tried every acne cure under the sun and nothing works?
✨Do you feel like your acne is sporadic and you cant figure out where its coming from?
✨Is your acne a trigger for you?
✨Did your acne come out of NOWHERE?
✨Are you dying to find the root cause of your acne so you can stop breakouts once and for all? 
✨Are you sick of walking on eggshells to avoid acne??


I went through that entire routine as well.

From 23 to 27 I was consumed with WHY the fuck I was breaking out.

I wanted it to stop

I wanted to KNOW the root cause

because it was too novel for me to turn my attention away from.

It was too noticeable for me not to explore deeper.

The trigger of acne was pronounced for me.

It confused me, perplexed me, and I was willing to go to any lengths to solve this mystery 

Here's a list of everything I tried (I'm probably missing some)...

Skincare for acne
Topical meds: Epiduo
Using “all natural” skincare
Cutting dairy
Learning about the law of attraction
Sensory deprivation tanks
Going fully raw, eating only uncooked fruits and veggies
Cutting out caffeine and refined sugar
ACV and lemon water daily
Meditation daily
Using only oil on my skin
Studying metaphysics
Using psychedelics
Water fasts
Naturopathic doctors
Thinking positive
No alcohol
Spiritual healers

I believe this is the course a lot of people will take.

Starting external, turning to products and dermatologists before turning inward.

When you first start breaking out, if you’re like me, you FREAK the f*ck out.

You buy every acne product under the sun and guess what- this makes your skin way worse!!!

These products destroy our skin barrier and are way too harsh for the type of acne you currently have.

It’s a long arduous journey from there unless you are able to get help and education resources to guide you in the right direction.

Back when I had acne this type of program DID NOT exist trust me I would have found it and devoured it. 

I felt like I was always walking on egg shells, always coming close to a solution but then still breaking out.

Through this process of trying everything under the sun, I came up with a system. 

The Bauer Beauty Acne System: There are two sides to acne; physical and nonphysical.

There is always a root cause to acne,

and to diagnose it, you eliminate all physical root causes first, and then start playing with nonphysical if necessary

In this course, we talk about the physical, and some non physical.

You will eliminate all physical root causes. 

This will completely eradicate acne for many of you.

Others of you will want to go deeper and join my graduate level course- Spiritual Acne Masterclass (not available yet). 

This is where we talk about the nonphysical energy of acne. 

Hi! My name is Jenny. I’m the founder of Bauer Beauty which is a skincare line and educational resource for women worldwide. I’m a licensed Esthetician, and suffered from cystic acne in my twenties. I’ve helped hundreds and thousands of women improve their skin and now I’m excited to be helping you!

What people are saying:

3 Module training + FREE Barrier Serum for a limited time

🗝 Part 1: Jenny introduces the newest concept to the skincare industry, The Bauer Beauty Acne System. BBAS is a revolutionary internal/external protocol for treating acne. We discuss the 3 different root causes of acne and the strategy you will take to isolate what your source of acne is and then how to cure it.

🗝 Part 2: Jenny will put you on the regimen that will improve your skin within one week no matter what your acne source is. We will go deep into this method behind healing your skin and explain how this is the first step to isolating the root cause to your acne. You will have a thorough understanding of the exact products to use from now on, the new parameters within which to buy any new skincare, how to treat your skin, and what kind of skincare routine to keep for healthy, acne-free skin. 

🗝 Part 3: We go into depth about the 12 week elimination diet you'll follow in order to identify triggers. You will understand what foods trigger your acne and how to find your threshold with these foods so you know how much you can consume without breaking out. After implementing this final step you will have narrowed down your acne source. We will talk about how to know for sure which type of acne you have. We'll touch on the metaphysics of skin, what spiritual acne is, and how to handle it. 

Why do I so confidently think you will see improvement in your skin within one week?

Because I've helped and gotten feedback from hundreds of women and realized, 90% (ish?), definitely the majority of them were doing the same thing wrong; the things I now teach in this training. 

What age group is this for? 
Anyone over 18

What skin tone will this work for?
All skin tones will be able to use the product as well as the information in this course.

What if you are on accutane? 
You can 100% do this course but I would recommend the Spiritual Acne Masterclass as well as, or instead of this one.

How much money will i need to spend on new products?
You may spend $25-$50 depending on what products you decide on/what you already have. 

Once I purchase how can I access my course? 
Login to the members only site through the "member login" tab

What is your refund policy on digital products? 
No refunds on digital sales! Barrier serum is refundable for its list price. 




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