The Clear Skin Blueprint

The Last Course On Acne You'll Ever Need.

Arent you frustrated with your breakouts?

Never getting answers or solutions?

Aren’t you tired of people telling you its just something you have to deal with?

That its unexplainable?

Are you sick of searching high and low for solutions? 

Don’t you suspect there’s something more than what you’re getting from the acne industry?

Dont you want to clear your skin once and for all?

Don’t you want to feel better about how you look?

Dont you want control over your face?

Then you want the enter the Clear Skin Blueprint.  

Clear Skin Blueprint is a revolutionary new method to eradicate your breakouts entirely.

We start out by changing your:

Entire skincare routine, diet, and health habits

And then dive deep into trauma/psychological related breakouts.

What do I mean when I say trauma related?

How do you know if its trauma related?

If its traumatizing experience to you, then that’s how you know.

If you’re triggered by it, that’s how you know.

That’s how you know you’re in the right place

Not everyone is triggered by their skin, this is a particular type of person that actually needs to go deeper into that trigger 

Because going into the trigger releases its power

You basically dig and dig until you find what you are looking for

The missing puzzle piece

The puzzle piece that locks in the belief that you control how your face looks and your acne has left the building.

One day this will click and will dominate your reality

Your skin will be clear

If you breakout you will know exactly where it came from

You have complete control

Do you want control?

I've been there....

Through this process of trying everything under the sun, I came up with a system. 

The Bauer Beauty Acne System: There are two types of acne; logical and illogical. 

Logical acne is the the acne that we can explain, we know the source its physical we can see it and name it. 

Illogical acne is the type of acne that we cant yet tie to a root cause or explain.

Therefore we then must explore the energetics of acne.  

In this course, we completely eradicate your logical acne almost immediately.

We hold that as a control group while searching for the root explanation of the "incurable" breakout

Because there is always a root cause to acne 

Everyones destination will be unique

Similarly to everyones skincare routine.

It's only a matter of time before you realize this root cause and clear your skin. 

Hi! I'm Jenny Bauer, I became a licensed Esthetician in 2016 after curing my cystic acne through metaphysical means. Im the founder of Bauer Beauty which is a skincare line and educational resource for women worldwide. We are the first anti aging skincare line designed for sensitive, acne prone skin. 

What people are saying about my work:

Here's the deal....

-This is a 12 week immersion that will transform the way you think

-You're prompted to create your login for the BB dashboard, get immediate access to the prework. 

-Then join the private Facebook group which will act as a vessel for transformation. 

-This course is a combination of live trainings, pre-recorded trainings, and group coaching sessions. 

-All trainings designed to build upon and be reinforced by one another 

-Live trainings will take place in the Facebook group or Zoom

-They will be recorded and subsequently uploaded to your members dashboard. 

-You can expect one training per week approximately

-Going deeper and deeper peeling back the layers into your subconscious mind

-You will be assigned homework weekly 

-Homework includes a variety of prompts that will change the way you think and behave.

-The goal is reprogram your brain so its optimized towards your success

-Guided meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, affirmations all help with this. 

-We also provide a lists of healers, therapists, alternative healing options, etc. Everything you need to go as deep as possible. 

-(All live training dates tba via email and private FB group)

If you have questions, please email

-Create patterns of thinking, behaving and believing that allow clear skin to become your reality.

-Release past trauma that is affecting your current reality with skin

-Dramatically reduce present breakouts through an instantaneous leveling up by virtue of entering this space and using the approved skincare routine & diet

-Working through and removing your limiting ideas around what is possible for you

-Setting clear goals and have a strong conviction you can accomplish said goals like you never before imagined you could.

-Understanding the principles of manifestation and quantum leaping then applying these techniques to attracting your clear skinned destiny

-Choosing the energies you want to experience in your current reality

-Deciding your breakouts are gone, leveling up your thought patterns, and watching your reality transform around you

-Have numerous realizations that will pattern interrupt and alter the way you think


-How to erase hyperpigmentation video training

-Acne Makeover Course (5 lesson training)

-Repair Your Skin Barrier Like A Bad B Challenge Video

-Jenny's fave drugstore skincare PDF

-The Next Level Acne Experience training

-How to change your life audio training

-Lists of resources


-Since this is a live course, I will tailor the material at times towards the energy of the group, especially during Q&A

What age group is this for? 
Anyone over 18

What if I am on accutane? 
You will 100% benefit from this course!

How much money will i need to invest on new products and treatments in this course? 
You can spend as little or as much as your budget allows. 

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes we do! Click shop pay at checkout. 

Once I purchase how can I access my course? 
You'll be prompted to create your login to the BB dashboard. In your welcome email, you'll also have to request access to the private FB group. 

What is your refund policy on digital products? 
No refunds on digital sales. 

Can you guarantee this will get rid of acne? 
No we cannot make guarantees because your success largely depends on your ability to take action on and implement the information given! 

How long does it take to see results?
Many people see massive progress within the first couple weeks while we address logial acne. Illogical acne is the more stubborn acne that can take longer, even passed the end of the course. I'm giving you the tools, teaching you HOW to think, now its your journey to play detective and get to the root. 




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